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He didn’t think Dean’s plan was going to work, but the fact she was here and ready spoke a great deal.

With his cock already prepared, he watched as Dean moved Daphne so she’d be able to take Micah’s cock between her lips without him rubbing his balls over Dean’s face. She moaned around the man’s length.

Stroking her asshole, he pressed his finger against her anus. She pulled off Micah’s cock, turning back toward him.

Dean slapped her ass. “I don’t think I gave you permission to stop. Micah wants his cock sucked.”

He expected her to slap him, but Dean had a way with words, and he seemed to know exactly what he was doing when it came to Daphne, what buttons to press to provoke her.

She worked on his length and Micah wrapped her hair around his fist, working his hips, only giving her what she could take.

“That’s a good girl. Yeah, take it.” Dean nodded toward Eric. “Be careful.”

“I will.” He had no interest in hurting her. With his cock in hand, he placed the tip at her slick anus. She tensed up as he started to push against her, almost fighting him as he got the tip in.

She moaned but didn’t stop sucking on Micah’s cock.

Reaching between them, he began to finger her clit and her ass squeezed him even tighter and Dean hissed.

“She’s so close to coming, but you can’t come, Daphne. You’re not allowed to.” He grunted, and Eric slowly slid into her ass, working her clit to help her through the pressure. She had one man in her pussy and the other in her asshole. He also didn’t want to cause her further frustration of being so close to coming and being denied.

With his cock seated in her ass, Dean let go of her cheeks, pushing her hair back from her face, and removing Micah’s cock. He protested.

“You’ve got all three of us now. All of us are inside your body.”

“I’m not.” Daphne wrapped her fingers around Micah’s length, offering him a smile as if to tame the child within him.

Eric stroked her back, feeling how tight she was.

“Now, the real fun can begin,” Dean said.

She went back to Micah’s dick, working it in her mouth.

Eric pulled out, and Dean groaned. When Dean started to pull out, Eric, pushed in. They built up a pace where she could take them, one then the other. Not once leaving her body.

With Dean’s grasp on her hips, he reached down and began to play with her pussy, stroking her.

“I want you to come, Daphne. Come all over our cocks.”

Eric stroked her swollen clit and after just a few touches, she came hard, crying out. Micah growled, holding her head tightly and pumping his cock deep into her mouth. Eric gritted his teeth as he fucked her. The pace between him and Dean stumbled as the tightness of her heat took them all by surprise. Her orgasm was an intense one.

Eric didn’t stop, keeping up his thrusts as he brought her to a second orgasm. At the hit of her second release, Micah came with a cry and a warning.

Daphne took his cum, swallowing it down.

Eric was the second one to come, filling her ass, holding himself still as his release flooded her asshole, and finally, Dean filled her pussy.

They held themselves steady, spent, but he wasn’t going to collapse over her.

Eric was the first to move, easing out of her tight ass. “I’ll go and run us a bath.”

He was on the way to the en-suite when Dean called his name. He held Daphne over his cock.

“She’s our woman now.”

Cum from her pussy and ass flowed out of her, and Eric moaned, an answering twitch between his thighs. Even though he’d just come, he was more than ready to go again.

First, though, he needed to make a bath ready.

The tub was large. Dean had gotten the largest room in the house, the manipulative fucker. After adding some salts, he returned to find Dean helping an exhausted Daphne into the bathroom. He carried her, but he could see his friend struggling. Climbing into the tub, Dean rested her between his thighs.

“I am going to wake up tomorrow and none of this is going to have happened, is it?” Daphne asked.

“I hate to disappoint you, doll, but this did happen. You are ours, and well, I can safely say we’ve had a fucking blast already,” Dean said.

Micah looked at the tub. “That’s not going to fit all four of us.”

“We’ll have to take a shower,” Dean said.

“And we’re going to have to look at installing a hot tub or a bath suitable enough for all four of us.”

“You’re all making plans like you’re going to want to stay here,” Daphne said. She sounded so sleepy.

Dean leaned over the tub. Eric wrapped his arm around her waist, pressing his nose against her neck.

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