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“Let’s just see how wet and tight this cunt is.” He pressed his finger at her entrance and suddenly, Daphne stopped him.

“No, stop. I’m a virgin.” She stumbled out of his arms. If he hadn’t gotten to his feet quick enough, she’d have fallen and hurt herself. He caught her in his arms.

Those three words.

He’d never had a woman say them to him before.

Daphne scrambled out of his hold and grabbed the towel, holding it against her. She licked her lips and shook her head. “You need to leave.”


“This was a big mistake. You’ve got to go.”

Seeing her closed off, he held his hands up and knew he’d have to come back another time. Daphne was a virgin. It was an unexpected revelation.

Chapter Three

Micah was jealous.

So far, Eric and Dean had gotten close to Daphne while he’d been kept swiftly at arm’s length. He was the one who hadn’t hurt her as much back in high school. He hadn’t been the biggest bully going around, and yet, here he was, being kept in the dark.

Now Eric had gone and given them all that revelation.

He was pissed.

“You’re sure she didn’t just say it to push you away?” he asked.

“No, she didn’t.”

“This is … it’s fucked up, right? I’m not the only one seeing how messed up this all is?” Micah looked at Dean and Eric.

Both of his friends hadn’t said much of anything in the last few minutes. They were all marinating with the virgin revelation.

He hadn’t been with a virgin since he’d lost his own damn V-card, and that was a long time ago. Back when he was thirteen, he’d been with an older woman. In fact, all three of them had been with the same woman. She’d taken all of their V-cards. They never talked about losing their virginity. Other than a couple of girls they’d screwed, they rarely talked about the women they’d been with.

“Are you two backing out?” Dean asked.

Micah glared at him. “You know this changes things.”

“What exactly does it change? We came here with one purpose, to find out who would win. One of us is going to claim Daphne as their own. I’m not backing down. So, she’s never had a guy before. When she picks me, seeing as it was me she was thinking of in the shower, you two can leave us the fuck alone. I’ll teach her what she’s been missing out on. She won’t even remember you boys.”

“Don’t forget, you may have gotten her to the shower all hot and bothered, but she brought herself to a lame-ass orgasm. I’m the one who tasted her sweet cunt. I know how her orgasm tastes. She’s not yours,” Eric said.

Micah could already see the fight brewing between the two. There were moments like these where he had to wonder how and why they were still friends. This was fucking crazy.

“Stop it,” he said, being the voice of reason. “Both of you. This isn’t what we came here to do. Don’t forget what’s at stake if you all turn on each other.” Their lives were so interconnected and their companies needed them all to stay friends in order to survive. If they fucked up, there would be no coming back from it. “You cannot do this. We made that fucking vow to each other. No one will come between us.”

“Daphne isn’t no one,” Dean said.

“And you think you have what it takes to rid her of her precious virginity? I’ve seen the way you fuck. You’d break her in two.” He glared at Dean before turning to Eric. “We’re still a team, and no one has won this victory yet. You haven’t won.” He got to his feet and started to pace, staring at his friends.

“Whatever happens, we cannot hurt her,” Eric said. “She doesn’t deserve pain.”

Dean sighed. “Agreed. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.”

Micah nodded in agreement. “We all agreed that this would not come between us.” He looked at his friends and held his hand out. Dean and Eric got up, shaking his hand, and doing the same with each other.

“I’ve got a suggestion,” Dean said.

Micah groaned, as did Eric.

“Are you guys fucking kidding me right now?” Dean asked. “Might I remind you all of who had the suggestion to take our company into the millionaire category, huh? My ideas are worth listening to.”

He couldn’t deny it. Dean had the multi-million-dollar ideas that had seen their companies flourish. Eric was good with strategy and getting each idea to actually work, while he was the charmer. As a threesome, they were dynamite together.

“Fine, what’s your idea?” Eric asked.

“The only person out of all of us she hasn’t shown any real interest in is Micah.”

“Hey, that’s because I backed the fuck away,” Micah said, glaring at them all. “Might I remind you, I’m the nice one.”

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