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“I want to kiss every inch of you,” I admitted. “Taste your skin, see your reactions, hear you gasp in pleasure.”

He gently yanked my hair until I lifted my head to meet his eyes. “I haven’t bottomed for a while, so can we…”

“We don’t have to—”

Miller clapped a hand over my mouth so fast I almost snorted with laughter.

“I want to,” he said quickly. “I just need some prep.”

I kissed his palm. “My pleasure.” And I meant it. Hearing he hadn’t bottomed for anyone else in a while made me stupidly smug. I’d never been the jealous type before, but for some reason, the idea of Miller Hobbs bottoming for another man made me irritable.

After continuing my kisses down his lightly furred chest to his belly, I reached inside his pants to stroke his cock. Miller arched back and groaned. His frantic pleasure tempted me to tease him, to slow down and draw it out until he was breathless and begging. But I didn’t have that much patience tonight.

I wanted inside him. I wanted to see him let go. I wanted to know what it would feel like to be that close to him.

Once I got Miller’s clothes off, I grabbed lube and condoms, but before I could prep him with my fingers, I started sucking him off and moved quickly down to rim him as well. He yelped before making a long, drawn-out debauched sound. His fingers stayed tightly gripped in my long hair as I licked and sucked and nipped at him.

He reached for me and wound up twisting us both around until we were sucking each other off and exploring each other’s inner thighs, balls, and asses with our mouths.

There was no holding back, no awkward moments of modesty or hesitation. I felt completely at ease with him and more turned on than I could ever remember being.

While Miller had been shy and unsure in the bakery, he was confident and wide open here in bed. His greedy fingers traced every tattoo on my body as if he wanted to memorize them. He was an active and willing participant to the point he verbally resisted me when I tried to pull away and reach for a condom.

“Don’t go.”

“Grabbing condom,” I said, sucking in a breath. “Need you. Can I—”

He didn’t even let me finish asking for his consent. Miller immediately nodded. “Yes, fuck yes. Yes.”

As soon as I got the condom on and slicked up, I moved between his thighs and reached for a pillow to shove under his hips. Before entering his body, I leaned over and met his eyes. “You are so fucking sexy. So beautiful. Thank you for being here with me tonight.”

His eyes widened slightly before his face softened into a smile. “To think I was getting ready to sneak out and leave you with blue balls. Shame you’re so damned polite.”

As I guided myself into his tight heat, I kept my eyes on his face until I couldn’t help but squeeze my eyes closed and hiss. “Fuck, you feel good,” I croaked.

Miller’s hands held his thighs, but he let go of one to grab the back of my neck and pull me in for a hard kiss. I kept my lips on his as I continued to push into him. By the time I bottomed out, we were both panting and clutching at each other.

He held my face in his hands and wrapped his legs around my back as I began to fuck him, and as I stared down into his hazy blue eyes, the realization washed over me that sex had never been like this for me before. This uninhibited. This connected. This fun. This right. In that moment, I knew that he was the only one I wanted to be with like this. Forever.

It completely defied logic to feel that way about someone I’d known for a handful of days. The very idea should have been terrifying.

It wasn’t.

The first moment Miller had walked into my bakery, something inside me had whispered, “This man will be someone important to me.” And sure enough, he already was.

Heck, how could he not be?

His generous heart and open nature showed in the way he loved his outrageous family, even when they sometimes overwhelmed him, and in the way they already doted on him, even though he didn’t seem to recognize it. His capacity for loyalty and love was apparent every time he spoke of his mother with raw grief in his voice. And his intelligence and natural curiosity about everything from Greek culture to elaborate cookie decorations fascinated the hell out of me.

Miller deserved a man who’d cherish all the things that made him unique. Who’d spend a lifetime trying to figure him out, and probably never quite get there, but consider every moment well spent anyway.