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“You’re definitely different,” she said.

“Is that a compliment?” His lips found the pulse point behind her ear and he felt her heart race against his mouth.

“I think so.”

“You don’t sound sure,” he murmured against her jaw.

“Probably ’cause I can’t think while you’re kissing me,” she whispered.

His mouth brushed hers. “Want me to stop?”

“God, no.”

Chapter Six

EVE GRABBED OLIVER’S shoulders and held on as his kiss sent her head spinning. Everything that would have normally had her coming back to reality, telling her to slow down or she’d regret it, melted away with each stroke of his tongue.

Oliver’s hand slid to her waist, then up under the fabric of her shirt, and the skin-to-skin contact was hot as he skimmed his palm up her side. She knew where he was headed, and her nipples pebbled in anticipation, gooseflesh spreading over her body.

Suddenly, Oliver got heavier, and she pulled away, gasping for breath as she realized that Oliver was struggling above her and cursing.

“Get the fuck off me, you dumb ass!”

Eve craned her head, and if she’d been able to breathe, she’d have laughed.

Beast had jumped on top of Oliver’s back and was now laying on him, giving new meaning to the term dog pile. Finally, Oliver rolled and both he and Beast landed on the ground. Eve turned on her side, holding her stomach as she exploded into giggles.

“Well, you were definitely right about him having issues,” Oliver grumbled, sending her into another fit of laughter. Tears were leaking out of the corner of her eyes, and she couldn’t seem to stop. At least she wouldn’t need to add any saline to her eyes to lube up her contact lenses.

When she calmed down enough to speak, she wiped at her eyes and sat up. “How can you be mad at that face?” She looked at Beast’s flat face and teased, “He just wanted to play, too.”

Suddenly, Oliver’s face was inches from hers. “The kind of play I had in mind definitely didn’t involve him.”

His words created a dull ache between her legs, sobering her. He said all the right things, made her crazy, and yet, doubt and caution were slowly outweighing her lust.

Her father had pretty much told her he didn’t like Oliver, and despite how good she felt now, what would happen after they had satisfied this electric attraction? They still had the event in two weeks, and if anything went south between them, it would make things awkward.

And it would go south eventually, because as much as she wanted to deny it now, throw caution to the wind, and jump his bones, they could barely be around each other without insulting one another.

Clearing her throat, she got up from the couch and retrieved her bag. “Yes, well, we should really concentrate on the auction.”

She started toward the kitchen table, but quick as lightening, he was on his feet and he caught her arm, his expression concerned. Maybe a little confused.

She was right there with him.

“Whoa, two seconds ago we were about to rip each other’s clothes off, and now you’re acting like you’ve got ice in your veins. What’s going on? Did I say something to piss you off again?”

“No, you didn’t piss me off. I’m just stating facts. We have to work together, at least for the next few weeks, so it’s not a good idea to get too . . . intimate.”

“Because you don’t like me?”

She caught herself before she yelled no. “I didn’t say that.”

“So, you do like me.” It was a statement—one that both irritated and embarrassed her.

“I will admit, I am attracted to you, but I don’t know you well enough to like you.” Eve walked around him to the table and started unloading her folders and iPad.

“So, what do you gotta know to determine if I’m likable?” he asked, sitting across from her.

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