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“Actually, I just remembered that I have to be up early tomorrow,” Megan said, hopping out of her chair.

Eve stared hard at Megan and mouthed I’m going to kill you. Megan mouthed back you’ll thank me.

“Well, that’s too bad, maybe next time,” Oliver said.

“Definitely.” Megan gave her a little finger wave and took off, leaving Eve alone with Oliver.

“She set you up good, huh?”

Eve turned in her seat and smiled sheepishly. “Yes, she did.”

Oliver slid a piece of hair that had escaped from her headband behind her ear. “I’m glad you came.”

“I’m not crashing your party?” Eve hated asking, but the woman at the bar still bothered her.

The meaning behind her words seemed to dawn on him, and he shook his head. “There was never going to be a party. The plan was to stay a couple hours and go home to let Beast out of his kennel.” Then he went and shattered her, leaning over to whisper in her ear, “And then I was going to lie down and think of you until I fell asleep.”

His words were heady, and before she could think of the repercussions, she grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him down for a kiss.

OLIVER MET EVE’S lips and took charge, stepping into her sitting form and sliding his tongue inside her open mouth. From the minute he’d seen Megan staring at him and recognized the back of Eve’s head, he’d hoped she was there for him. He wasn’t a romantic guy, at least, he never used to be, but Eve made him say things—feel things—he wasn’t sure what to make of, and at times, they made him want to run the other way.

But right now, he didn’t want to run. He wasn’t thinking of his career, his friends waiting for him downstairs, or even Evelyn’s dad. His mind, body, and senses were so filled with her that there wasn’t room for anything else. The noise from the bar faded to a dull roar as she gripped his shirt and pulled him as close as he could get and his hands settled on her hips.

Suddenly, a voice Oliver recognized broke through the hum. “Ow, Martinez, you are getting me hot, bro!”

Oliver pulled away and whispered, “I am so sorry.”

“Why?” she asked.

Oliver turned, keeping Eve behind him. “What’s up, Tate?”

Kevin Tate was an MP, and although Oliver worked with him, he didn’t like the obnoxious asshole. Oliver saw that most of his squad was with Tate and nodded at them.

“Nothing, just getting some beers with the guys,” Tate said, trying to look around Oliver. “Who’s your friend?”

“None of your business,” Oliver said. He was pissed at Tate for interrupting but more concerned with Tate knowing who Evelyn was. Everyone knew about the beef between the general and him, and he wouldn’t put it past Tate to think that Oliver was using Eve to get back at her old man.

And Oliver was scared as hell she might believe it.

“What’s the matter, Martinez, she ugly or something?” This came from Dwight Cameron, whose glassy-eyed expression said he’d had one too many already.

“Oh, jeez, this is ridiculous,” Eve said at his back. He felt her push at him so she could stand and come around to his side. “Satisfied, gentleman?”

The group of men stared at her, some in appreciation, but a few in surprised recognition.

“Eve?” a guy Oliver didn’t recognize said. He was medium height with blue eyes and sandy blond hair.

Eve looked unhappy to see him. “Andy.”

“It’s been a long time,” he said.

“Not nearly long enough.”

The guys snickered and coughed, and Andy’s cheeks flushed angrily. “I see you still got a thing for guys in uniform.”

Oliver didn’t like the guy’s insinuation that Eve was a uniform chaser and barely resisted the urge to pop him.

“Actually, I don’t,” she said.

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