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“Did you ask for the Sacramento post to be close to them?” she asked.

“I wanted it, but you know as well as I do that they move you where they want you, without your permission.”

His comment sent cold water through her veins, reminding her that he could be ripped from her anytime.

“Where’d you go just now?” he asked.

“I was just thinking that everything I thought I wanted went out the window the minute you got into my car the day we met,” she said honestly.

His lips found the side of her neck. “I, for one, am happy that you didn’t kill me. Your driving is seriously terrifying, dulzura.”

“You know, following up an insult with an endearment does not make it okay,” she said.

“Come on, admit it.” He trailed his lips softly across her neck, and tingles raced down her spine. “It’s hot when I drop a little español on you.”

“Please, like I’m one of those girls who goes weak in the knees over accents and foreign languages.”

Oliver placed his mouth at the shell of her ear and spoke softly, “Tú me vuelves loco.”

You drive me crazy. Eve clenched her thighs together, trying to ignore the throb between them. “I feel nothing.”

“Te quiero besar.”

I want to kiss you.

“Go ahead. Your sultry words and deep voice have no effect on me.”

Oliver’s hands trailed down over her stomach, stopping to rest on her thighs. His fingers drew slow, languid circles over her jeans, burning through the fabric and onto her skin. “Quiero hacerte el amor.”

I want to make love to you.

“Oh, God.” Eve turned in his arms and reached her hand behind Oliver’s neck. Before he could resist, she yanked his mouth down to hers and kissed him with every pent-up, almost, could-have-been moment they’d shared but never finished.

It didn’t surprise her that Oliver didn’t leave her in control long but rolled with her until she was under him, his big body pressing her into the cold sand. His lips and tongue moved with hers, and she couldn’t get close enough to him. Her hands snaked under the back of his shirt, and his warm skin against her palm was smooth, tight, and ripping with muscles.

Eve wasn’t the most experienced woman, having only been with three men, but with Oliver she didn’t feel nervous or awkward, like she had to play a part. She was hungry, raw, and craving him—every part of him.

“God, Eve, I want you so bad.” His tone was rough with desire, his reaction to merely her kiss causing her passion to boil over.

“I want you, too,” she said.

“Just not here,” he said.

His words hit her hard, and she pulled back from his kiss. “What?”

He adjusted her glasses, which had been knocked a little sideways during their kiss, and stared down at her, hard. “Baby, I don’t want our first time together to be on a cold, wet beach with sand everywhere.”

“Then why did you bring me down here?” she asked.

“Well, I thought I was being romantic, showing you the sky and the ocean at night—whoa!”

Eve grabbed the front of his shirt and jerked him down until they were nose to nose. “Oliver, every single time I think this is going to happen, something comes up and we’ve put a pin in it. I’m not in the mood to put a pin in anything tonight.”

“If I take you right now, you’re going to end up itchy and pissed off at me,” he said, pushing himself off her.

Eve lay there, glaring up at him. “I thought the guy was supposed to be ready anytime, anywhere.” Climbing to her feet, she brushed at her clothes, brushing off the sand. “I think you wanted to get me all revved up and leave me hanging because you think I’m going to break your mom’s rules and sneak out to your cabin.”

“Actually, I thought we could just go back there and get cleaned up—”