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“Well, I brought Duke. He gets around pretty well with the cast. We’re going back to the vet next week, and once the cast is removed, he’ll start his specialty training.” Holding his hand out, he added, “Shall we go?”

Dani stepped out, locking her front door with the key. “What is his specialty going to be?”

“I think he’ll be excellent in search and rescue. It’s not my department at Alpha Dog, but I’m going to train him myself.”

When he took her hand and led her down the steps after him, her whole body warmed from the inside out.

“You look very pretty, by the way. Did you go shopping for this last night, too?”

Dani squeezed his hand and shot him a glare. “No, and I did not go out and buy that dress special either. It had just been sitting in my closet, and I’d never worn it.”

“Sure. You know, it’s okay to admit that you went shopping for our date.”

“Please, you already have women falling all over themselves to get to you. The last thing you need is an ego boost.”

He spun her around until her back was against his car, and the hand not holding hers rested next to her ear. He leaned over her, his face a serious mask save for the unholy twinkle in his eyes.

“You know, you’re one tough customer. Why do you think my ego doesn’t need stroking?”

“Because men who look like you always know they’re hot.”

“Aha, so you admit it. I’m hot.”

Pulling him closer, she leaned up toward his mouth. “Pretty is as pretty does.”

“Ye havna care fer me tender feelins, lass.”

This time his fake Irish accent earned him a smile. “If you’re done with your stroking expedition, can we go?”

“One kiss first.”

She was happy to oblige, keeping her coffee out of the way. Both of his hands ended up cupping her face as he kissed her so well her toes actually tried curling in her boots. Her nipples hardened against the cups of her bra, and she nearly dropped the cup in her hand, the urge to wrap her arms around him was so strong.

Again, he was the one to pull away, but she took it as a good sign that his dark blue eyes were nearly black with desire.

“We better go. We’re meeting everyone at eight thirty.” He released her and took a step back.

“Who is everyone?”

“Hop in, and I’ll tell you.”

“What, you aren’t going to get my door this time?” she asked.

“I would, but you’re kind of in my way.”

Realizing she was still leaning a

gainst it, she stood up. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I like that I’m distracting you.”

“There you go again.”

Once she was in, she was greeted by Duke’s wet nose in her ear from the backseat. Laughing as she dodged his tongue, she murmured, “Nice to see you, too.”

Tyler glanced her way as he climbed in. “You ready?”

“For fun? Sure, bring on the fun.”