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Her chin did that defiant little jut that drove him crazy. “I was just going to say that when I get home . . . it’s your turn to tell me your needs.”

His dick flexed painfully as he realized what she was saying.

Fuck, he was going to be counting down the hours.

TYLER YAWNED AND checked the time on his cell phone again. Dani had been gone several hours, having rushed out the door with a piece of pizza in one hand and a swift kiss for him. He’d actually thought for a second she was going to tease him into following through on keeping her home, but she’d left, giving him one more speech about what she’d do to him if anything happened to her baby.

Tyler had assured her again, and as soon as he’d made sure she was safely in her car, he’d closed and locked the door behind her. Since then, he’d watched several episodes of Prison Break as he munched on three slices and two cookies. He’d checked on Noah a few minutes ago, and he was still sound asleep.

Tyler had been tempted to lie down and get some sleep himself but was afraid he wouldn’t hear Noah if he cried, so he’d been fighting it. Thinking about work and wondering how his guys were doing. Kline had them for the weekend, and Tyler had warned him to watch out for any bullying. So far, no calls, but then again, it was only Friday.

Then there were his friends. They’d been bugging him to go out this weekend, but he’d said he was busy. Although they’d seemed to accept that he was actually into Dani and this wasn’t just a play, he wasn’t ready to talk to them about her yet. And going for beers at Mick’s would lead to just that.

Dani. He smiled just imagining Dani walking through the door and kissing him. How he’d pull her down over him on the couch and run his hands over her back lightly, learning the curves of her body . . .

He hadn’t even realized he’d dozed before he sat straight up. Tyler heard a tiny voice crying, “Mama.”

Tyler jumped up from the couch and went into Noah’s room. Flipping on the light, he saw the tear tracks on Noah’s flushed face.

“Hey, Noah, you okay?”

“Ma . . . Mama?” The kid was sucking in air as he spoke, and Tyler held his arms out to him.

“Mama had to run out for a minute, but I’m here. Did you have a nightmare?”

The toddler let him pick him up, and he felt something wet on his hand. Noah’s sleeper was soaked through with pee.

“I think I know what the issue is. Your diaper exploded.” Noa

h was still sniffling, and Tyler bounced him as he walked over to the blue dresser on the opposite wall. Opening the top drawer, he found a set of pajamas with bears on them. “How about these ones?”

Noah shook his head, stuffing his thumb into his mouth.

“No, huh?” Duke stood under them, pressing his nose into Noah’s butt, and Tyler snapped, “Duke, get your nose out of there.”

Tyler could have sworn he heard a giggle and saw the corners of Noah’s mouth were lifted into a smile around the thumb.

“You think that’s funny, huh? Well, how about a little less giggling and more pajama picking.” Catching sight of blue feety pajamas with Mickey on them, he grabbed them. “How about these?”

Noah nodded enthusiastically.

“We have a winner.” Carrying Noah over to what he hoped was the changing table, he laid him on his back on the boat-shaped mattress covered in soft blue terry cloth. Unsnapping his soiled pajamas, he gingerly removed them, and the diaper went with them.

“Okay, what do I use to wipe you down?” Spotting a pack of wipes on the edge of the table, he pulled out several and cleaned up Noah as best he could.

Now the diaper.

“Little man, you are going to have to bear with me, as this is my first diaper change. You’ve been through probably a million of these, right?”

Awkwardly, Tyler got it on, and when he had Noah set up in the Mickey pajamas, he went to lay him back down, but it occurred to him that the kid’s bed might be wet. His bed felt surprisingly dry, though, so he attempted to put him back in the crib.

But Noah started screaming and hanging on to him.

“Shit, I mean, shoot. Don’t ever say that, okay? What is it? Huh?” Lifting him back up, he felt the little boy’s chubby arms circle his neck trustingly, and Tyler melted like a stick of butter in the sun.

“Wanna drink some milk and watch Mickey?” He felt Noah nod against his neck, and he shut off the light to his room as he exited. “Sounds good, man. Think your mom will be mad if we make it a party?”

“No,” Noah said softly.