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Still . . .

“We could go upstairs and try to get some sleep,” she suggested.

Surprisingly, he didn’t try to talk her out of it or even ask her if she was sure. He crossed the room in a few strides and took her hand. “I’m suddenly exhausted.”

Laughing as he led her up the stairs quietly, she left the door open just in case. Turning the baby monitor on, she stood back and watched as Tyler lay down on top of her bed in just his socks and a pair of blue jeans. He took up quite a bit of the queen-size bed; she was definitely going to need to snuggle close.

“I should take a shower. You don’t want to know what was on my scrubs.”

“And yet, you picked up your son and got goo all over his clean pajamas?” he teased.

“It was dried. I just feel . . . icky.”

With a sigh, he leaned back with his arms folded behind his head. “Fine, go shower. I’ll just lie here imagining you naked under the running stream, your hands trailing soap over your skin, leaving bubbles along the way—”

Dani hit him in the face with a pillow, and he grabbed at it, spluttering, but she brought it down again.

“You are such a perv.”

Laughing, she let him wrestle her down onto the bed, their chests pressing against each other rapidly as they caught their breath. Tyler had her hands in his, and she was pinned to the mattress as he hovered over her. She felt the chilly air on the skin of her chest and knew her robe ha

d fallen open by the way Tyler’s gaze dropped down.

His grip on her wrists loosened as his eyes came back up to meet hers. Lowering his body over hers with his weight on his forearms, he nuzzled his nose against the sensitive skin below her ear. A shiver shot along her skin, traveling down to the apex of her legs. Clenching them together, she sighed as his lips kissed her skin with feathery brushes.

“What did you call me?” he whispered, his breath rushing along the column of her throat.

“Hmm, I don’t remember.”

He nipped her skin with a growl. “I think you called me a perv. Impugned my honor. I must have satisfaction.”

“What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?” she said with a giggle.

Tyler lifted his face from the crook of her neck with a puzzled expression. “What’s that from?”

“Oh, come on! Romeo and Juliet? You can’t tell me you never read the play in school.”

“I probably did, but I can’t quote it!”

“What can I say? I was the queen of drama class in high school.”

“Well, to answer your question, my queen, I will not be satisfied until I kiss you.”

She closed her eyes and pursed her lips playfully, startled when he didn’t take her mouth. Instead, his lips pressed against the swell of her breast over her bra.


“Hmm, not quite satisfied yet. Let’s try the other one, shall we?” He sat up, using those rock hard abs to lift himself, and his hands got involved, pushing aside the cup of her bra so this time, his mouth covered her nipple. His tongue flicked across it, and she bucked off the bed.

God, had it always felt this good, or had it just been so long since she’d been touched that she’d forgotten?

Her hands slid up his arms until they hit his shoulders, kneading the muscles there as he tongued her. She felt his hand seeking between her legs, and his warm palm covered her, his finger teasing her through the cotton of her panties. She whimpered, her hips lifting off the bed as she silently begged for more. For him to strip her bare and put his mouth and hands all over her.

As if sensing what she wanted, he slipped his hand inside, and she moaned as he manipulated her slit, seeking something . . .

When he found her clit, she twisted and turned, wanting to move closer and further away from the sensations assaulting her. He had switched back to her other breast, sucking her as he rubbed her in fast circles. A steady throb increased between her legs as her orgasm built, her thighs tightening as she came, moaning quietly into her hands, muffling the cries as she flew higher and higher.

She came down slowly, jerking every time he brushed her swollen clit. She opened her eyes, the lids suddenly so heavy it felt like someone had attached weights to them.