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Well, okay, he couldn’t say that exactly. Dani had taken care of him so well, his legs were still shaking ten minutes after he finished. Her breath warming his cock as her tongue slipped up and down his shaft, tightening his balls until she fully encased him in her wet mouth.

Shit, and now he had a boner tenting his boxers.

Climbing out of her bed, he picked his jeans up off the floor and pulled them on, careful of the hard-on as he zipped. He buttoned them as he started down the stairs, listening to the sound of Dani singing, high-pitched and a little off-key, but Noah’s laughter joining in told Tyler Noah didn’t mind that his mom was tone-deaf. As he reached the landing, Tyler smiled at the sight that greeted him.

Dani, her hair pulled up in a messy bun, was holding Noah on her hip, letting him stir a bowl of batter. The two of them, with their heads bent close together, were the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

“Good morning,” he said.

Dani’s gaze jerked to his, her cheeks a bright, rosy pink. Noah squirmed in her arms. “Tywer!”

Dani let him down, and the little boy ran full speed out of the kitchen, Shasta trotting along beside him. Tyler picked him up and swung him into the air, making Noah squeal.

“What’s up, little man?”

He started talking a mile a minute; most of it Tyler didn’t catch, but he did recognize one word.

“You’re making donuts with Mommy, huh?”

“Mini donuts,” Dani said, holding up some kind of hot pink appliance.

“Awesome.” Tyler carried Noah over to stand next to her, and he hesitated, wanting to kiss her so bad it hurt, but unsure. They’d already broken the rules by letting him around Noah and especially spending the night here, but would she shy away if he tried?

He decided to give her a back pat to be on the safe side, watching her ladle batter into the donut-shaped molds. Finally, she closed the lid and turned to face them with a grin. “And now, we wait. Do you like cinnamon sugar or chocolate dipped?”

“Chocolate!” Noah shouted in his ear, and he laughed.

“I’m with him.”

“Okay, I’ll melt the chocolate. Why don’t you two go watch TV or play?”

Tyler’s lips twitched. “Yes, Mom.”

She gave him a playful glare as Tyler carried Noah to the couch. “What do you think we should watch?”


“Don’t you like anything besides Mickey?” Tyler asked.

Noah shook his head, his thumb going into his mouth.

“All right, cool, we can watch Mickey.” Tyler clicked through, searching for the cartoon mouse in the queue, but it wasn’t there. He went to search. Typing the word in, he found the cover but saw that it read unavailable.

“Sorry, buddy, but it looks like they don’t have it anymore.”

It was like a volcano erupted in the form of a screaming toddler. Big tears ran from Noah’s eyes as his mouth hung open, spittle oozing down his chin.

Tyler put his hands up as Dani came running in. “I didn’t mean to!”

“What happened?” she asked.

“They got rid of Mickey on streaming, and when I told him, he detonated.”

Dani seemed amused by his discomfort, if the little smirk on her full lips was any indication. Kneeling in front of her son, she took his hands in hers.

“Noah, stop crying. We’ve got Mickey on DVD, remember? Why don’t you grab whatever one you want to watch, and I’ll put it on for you?”

Noah still whimpered and sniffled as he got up from the couch and went over to the DVDs, proceeding to pull all of them off the shelf.

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