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“Okay, now y

ou’re just being paranoid. We’re fine, and even if he was watching the house, I can’t imagine he’d try anything. Plus, there is no way he is getting past a locked door and two ferocious guard dogs.”

Tyler glanced down at pudgy, snorting Bella and Shasta, whose tail thumped against the carpet.

“Not sure about the ferociousness.”

“You didn’t see Shasta when he came to the house. She almost launched herself at him. I would have been scared of her if she hadn’t been my dog.”

“Speaking of dogs . . . ” He kissed her, rubbing his thumb across her cheek. “I gotta go get Duke.”

“So go,” she whispered back.

“I will. But we had a long day that included our first real fight, and we didn’t properly make up.”

“I told you, it’s fine. What do we need to make up for?”

Tyler kissed her again, deeper this time, his hips pressing her back into the counter. He pulled his mouth away long enough to say, “Fun?”

Dani reached around and gripped his ass through his jeans in response, and he groaned. Dropping his hands from her face, he picked her up by her rear end and lifted her onto the counter. “Lie back.”

She did as he asked, her chest rising and falling rapidly as he shoved her dress up, revealing the black leggings keeping him from what he wanted most.

He buried his head between her legs and pressed his mouth against her through the soft cotton. After turning his cap backward so the bill wasn’t in the way, he hooked his fingers into the sides of her leggings and pulled them, along with her underwear, down to her knees.

With the kitchen light shining over them, he saw that she’d shaved, and his excitement grew until his cock was practically pulsating with hunger. Lifting her legs and ducking his head between them, he let them fall so her boot heels hit him in the middle of his back.

He spread her lips with his thumbs and swept his tongue over the hard nub of her clit, listening to the hiss of her breath with pure male pride. Foreplay was something he’d done on occasion, but with Dani, it wasn’t a chore to get to the final act; in fact, Tyler realized he liked it. The anticipation, her sounds of ecstasy as he licked, sucked, and fingered her until she was smothering cries of joy, her muscles squeezing his fingers as she came. It was almost better than sex.

Giving her slit one last long lick that left her shuddering, he lifted her legs over his head and redressed her lovingly.

Taking her hands, he pulled her up into a sitting position, his hand stroking her cheek. “I better go.”

“Wait, now?”

“I still need to get my dog, and when we do it, I’m going to want to spend the whole night with you after.”

Her hands trailed over his chest and abdomen until they were cupping his dick through his jeans. “But that doesn’t mean you need to leave without being satisfied.”

“It’s not necessary . . . ” he began, sucking in his breath when she pushed him back.

“I think it is.” She hopped down from the counter and stalked toward him.

DANI SLIPPED TYLER’S belt from the buckle, her tongue sliding inside his mouth. He tasted of mint and her, and she was rabid with wanting him. The need to make him feel as good as she did, to give him more pleasure than he could handle so he wouldn’t . . .

Wouldn’t go to someone else?

God, why did that thought keep creeping though her mind? He’d brought her home to meet his parents, had shown her in every way that he cherished her and Noah.

Pushing all the negative thoughts from her mind, she proceeded to get swept up in what she was doing now. It had been a long time since she’d given head, until last night with Tyler. She’d been afraid that it would be awful, that she’d be so bad he’d walk out with a thanks anyway.

Instead, she’d looked up at him, at the look of pure bliss on his handsome face, and instinct had taken over.

And she wanted that feeling again. To be responsible for Tyler losing control, to hear her name on his lips as he came.

Leading him to the couch, she unbuttoned his pants on the way, sliding the zipper down to expose his boxer briefs.

“It’s your turn to lie back. On the couch.”