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“Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“Angel, who is out there?” Mrs. Ramirez came to stand in the doorway, glaring out the door at him. “What are you doing with my son?”

“He was just telling me that both of you are going to leave Dani Hill and her son alone.”

Rage made the woman’s face contort into a monstrous mask. “That little slut stole my grandchild from me!”

Tyler had to remind himself he couldn’t hit a sixty-year-old woman. “Your son told Dani to get an abortion, and he doesn’t want anything to do with his son.”

“He doesn’t know what he wants. That girl tricked him. She doesn’t deserve to raise my grandson!”

The old woman was screaming now, her eyes popping out of her head. People around them were turning on their porch lights and peeking out the door.

“Then I suggest you get a lawyer, ma’am. Because the next time, it will be the cops banging on your door.”

She hurled some colorful Spanish words at his back as he walked away, and he could hear Angel trying to calm her down. As he climbed into the car with the guys, Tyler said, “Hey, Martinez, what did she just say to me?”

“You do not want to know, my friend.”

Tyler figured he was probably right, but a nagging concern followed him around the whole night. The woman had come off as a little unhinged, and Tyler was more resolved than ever to get Dani to go down to the police station. He wanted a record of them harassing her, so if things escalated, the cops had the whole story.

“Why so serious?” Blake asked, lining up his pool shot.

Tyler laughed, shaking off his unease. “Nothing, just thinking about how long it will take to kick your ass.”

“You’re a funny guy.”

“So, now that you two are at the ‘I love you’ stage, what’s next?” Sparks asked.

“Next? There’s a next? I thought we’d just stay here in this stage for a while. Give me time to adjust to all this relationship shit.”

“That’s fucking romantic,” Martinez said. “Don’t let her hear yo

u call it ‘relationship shit.’ First tip, women don’t like that.”

“Fine, but I just want to savor this.”

“Savor away, no one’s stopping you,” Blake said.

Tyler lined up another shot, shaking his head when he missed it. “Damn it!”

“Woo, looks like Best lost all those mad skills.”

Tyler’s phone chimed with a new message. He pulled it out of his pocket and clicked on the text folder.

Wanna come over?

He didn’t recognize the number, and it wasn’t assigned to anyone in his phone. Who is this?

Cammie. We hooked up a couple months ago? Maybe this will help jog your memory.

His phone dinged again, and a pair of large breasts popped up on his cell phone screen.

“Who are you texting?” Martinez asked.

“No one, some girl I hooked up with texted me, and I’m telling her I’m not interested.”

His fingers flew over the pad. Sorry, I’ve got a girlfriend.