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“Oh, my God! George!” He could hear Laura screaming for her husband, but Tyler didn’t have time for hysterics.

“Laura, I need you to listen. Go to the hospital and tell Dani I’m going to find him, okay? I am pretty sure I know who has him, and I’m bringing him back to her.”

He hung up the phone. “Come on, Jeremiah, I’m dropping you at home.”

“What’s going on—”

“Just move your ass!” Tyler barked, sprinting for the car.

TYLER JUMPED OUT of the passenger side of Sparks’s truck and didn’t even wait for his friends to catch up.

He tried the front door of the Ramirez home, and it was unlocked.

He burst through, and Angel scrambled up off the

floor, his meth pipe falling to the floor as he stared at Tyler, his eyes wide in terror.

“I don’t know nothing!”

“Yeah, you don’t know nothing, you piece of shit?” Tyler hauled Angel up by his throat, running on nothing but adrenaline. “Where is Noah?”

“I swear, I didn’t take him—”

Tyler squeezed, and Angel clawed at his hands. “Maybe not, but you know where he is. And if you want to ever be able to walk again, you’re gonna tell me.”

“Might want to ease up on him so he can talk, Best. He’s turning blue,” Martinez said.

Tyler dropped him onto the torn-up couch, and Angel coughed and sucked in air.

“Clear the house.”

His friends did as he asked, while Sparks stood at his back.

“You can’t . . . do this,” Angel wheezed.

Tyler squatted down. “Like I told you before, I’m not a cop. And if you think for one minute I’m above putting you through the worst kind of hell imaginable to find that little boy, you’re wrong.”

Tyler’s tone was cold and deadly, and Angel appeared on the verge of passing out with fear.

And then a bit of the bravado the guy seemed to have in spades shone through. “Whatever, you’ll never find him. My mother is on her way to Mexico with him right now.”

Cold fingers of fear gripped Tyler’s heart as he imagined Noah terrified and calling for his mom. If this was the kind of cockroach Camila raised, what would Noah become in her charge?

And Dani? How would he look her in the eye if he couldn’t bring her son home?

Tyler pulled out his large, serrated knife, and, calling Angel’s bluff, he trailed it over the outside of the other man’s pant leg. “If you don’t tell me where they are, I’m going to start with your Achilles tendon. It won’t kill you, but you’ll be in so much pain you’ll wish I had.”

“You crazy motherfucker!”

Tyler knew he wouldn’t do it, but he needed Angel to believe he would.

“Hold him down,” Tyler said and felt his friend move forward.

“All right, all right! Shit, she wanted him, okay, and she wouldn’t stop bitching at me about it. So I had my cousins go get him and take him to their place!”

“Write down the address. And it’d better be right.”

Angel wrote down an address and handed him the paper with shaky hands.

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