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Casper just shrugs while downing another huge mouthful of egg.

“Just saying, honey. We’re not attracted to skinny girls who don’t eat. It’s a turn-off.”

I laugh because that’s a funny statement.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that with me,” I say. “I love food. Adore it. More than life itself.” I take another bite from my plate to prove it, and the eggs are runny and flavorful, just the way I like them. Hell, if the guys approve, I’m going to keep eating. I’ve never been one to turn down a good meal, stuck pig or not.

But then the twins grow serious.

“Now that we’ve told you we’re not seeing anyone, it’s tit for tat honey. Are you seeing any other men? Even through City Girls?” Casper growls, his eyes glowing.

I smile at them. “Oh no. I haven’t been with another client since we got together, and you know I haven’t been out in ages now. Months, at least.”

Both men nod approvingly.

“Good, because we don’t want you to see with anyone else, and Casper and I have decided to make it worth your while.”

I look up at them, confused. “How so?”

The twins share a glance before Clay takes my hand.

“Let’s just say we’re ready to pay for the pleasure of getting to know you, sweetheart. You’ve exceeded our wildest expectations, and I’ve never come so hard before. Both Casper and I are prepared to make significant deposits in your bank account each week in order to compensate you for your time.”

“It’s no trouble,” I say quickly, my heart racing. “No seriously. You don’t have to.”

“But we do,” Clay growls, lifting my hand to place a kiss on my palm. “It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.”

With that, I smile weakly. I know my lovers mean what they say, and there’s no talking them out of it. But instead of rejoicing at my newfound riches, instead my heart sinks because I wanted to get to know Clay and Casper on a real level. As their potential girlfriend, and not a sex toy to be passed between them.

But that’s where my mistake is. This isn’t a relationship. This isn’t anything, except a series of satisfying hook-ups finishing with money shots at the end. The twins don’t see me as girlfriend material, and I have to accept that reality no matter how much it hurts.



* * *

I stretch my arms high over my head and yawn lazily. Over the last three months, Clay, Casper, and I have been enjoying each other non-stop. I still wake up sore most mornings, but I love it and being with the twins makes me feel so satisfied and content.

It’s as if there’s a “Before” and “After Times” based on when I met the Richmonds. Before, I was just a pale shadow of myself, drifting to work and then coming home late in the evenings. But now, I’m a woman in full, and my world is filled with vibrant colors as well as Earth-shattering sex. I love it so much, and wonder how I ever existed without it.

But now, it’s time to get up. I yawn and my eyes catch a glimpse of the alarm clock by the bed. It’s 9 a.m., which is perfect. After all, I don’t work at the law firm anymore. After our conversation in the kitchen that morning, I got to thinking. I’m burned out when it comes to my profession. I love the law, and I’ve been relatively successful so far, but I couldn’t do it anymore. As a result, with the Richmonds’ support, I finally got the courage to take a leave of absence from the law firm. To be honest, I was expecting them to say no, but instead they said yes, to my great surprise. I guess even they knew that I was burning the candle at both ends.

But now that I’m three months into my leave, I’m not sure I want to go back. Why would I? I live in the Richmonds’ penthouse, and laze about all day, enjoying the pool, sauna, entertainment room, and private library. The twins encourage me to get all the spa treatments I want, and as a result, I’ve never looked better. My hair’s shiny and full, and my nails are buffed to a polished sheen. Not only that, but I glow. Lots of facials and working with a nutritionist have done that for me.

Plus, true to their word, Clay and Casper have been providing me with a weekly stipend. Again, I have qualms about getting paid to be their plaything, but it doesn’t feel too bad, frankly. The twins are gentle and caring with me, making me feel valued and treasured. Of course, that goes out the door when it comes to bedroom calisthenics. Then, it’s rough sex with two men and I love it.

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