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Clarissa nods.

“Absolutely. So for Friday, we have two men who are looking to share. Isn’t that exciting?”

Exciting is one way to put it, I suppose.

“I guess so,” I say.

Clarissa nods.

“Yes, exactly. And they specifically requested someone curvy, elegant, discreet, and sophisticated. You sprang to mind immediately, hon. I swear, when they made the request, I thought only of you.”

I smile mirthlessly at her flattery.

“Thanks, but you know that description matches most of the women at City Girls.”

Clarissa merely shrugs again.

“Maybe, but not all of them are willing to try new things. You’re my adventurous girl, hon. Just go and you’ll have a good time.”

I lift my wine glass to my lips and take a long sip while contemplating the offer. Can I handle this Friday night assignation? It’s only Wednesday, but I’ve already billed forty hours, and the next two days are sure to be just as busy. The firm is growing, and apparently all of our clients have decided to cause trouble this month.

But then again, the biggest pain point of the week is over, and Clarissa’s offer intrigues me. I’ve always been interested in being with two men at once, but the opportunity has never actually materialized in real life. Is this my chance?

“You’ll regret it if you don’t go,” Clarissa sings.

Still, I bite my lip.

“I don’t know. I’m so busy at work. You know what it’s like when you’re an attorney. There’s always something.”

Clarissa laughs. “Trust me, I know. Managing a pool of women for the agency is like herding cats, and believe me when I say I want to shoot myself sometimes.”

I giggle a bit at her description.

“Okay, okay. I’ll do it,” I say. “I’ll take the date.”

Clarissa brightens.

“Perfect,” she says with satisfaction. “Oh, and the clients said that they’ll quadruple your usual nightly rate.”

I gasp and nearly drop my glass of wine. Quadruple? That would be almost ten thousand dollars just for one night of work.

“Are you serious?” I stammer.

Clarissa nods.

“Yes, absolutely. You’re going to have a great time, Mara. I’ll text you final details, but I already know Casper and Clay want to meet at the Redwood Hotel at eight. Does that work for you?”

I nod, my pulse beginning to race as my insides grow hot.

“Sure, that works.”

“Perfect,” Clarissa exclaims with another satisfied nod. “Watch out for my text, and have a good time, sweetie. You’re a gorgeous girl and the clients are going to eat it up. Have fun!” Then, she blows me an air kiss and hangs up.

Heart thundering in my ears, I silence my phone and toss it over to my pile of clothes on the floor. I don’t want to deal with anyone else right now because what have I done? Sinking deeper into the tub, I polish off my glass of wine as a smile forms on my face. I’ll be meeting two handsome men on Friday night, and it’s bound to be exciting. But what will we do? What do they look like? What are their expectations? I haven’t felt this kind of bubbling nervousness for a while now, and I chalk it up to nerves.

You can do it, Mara, I tell myself sternly. You’re a professional. You just handled a case with two men, so you can handle two men in bed too.

A naughty smile creeps over my face and I slide even deeper into the warm tub so that my curves are completely submerged. The slickness of the water makes me tremble and I press my thighs together in anticipation. The truth is that I’ve been buttoned up for so long now that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be a vixen. Maybe this is my opportunity to be wicked, and to unleash the sensuous woman within. With another giggle, I take a deep breath and submerge my head under the water totally as my insides tingle. Now, Friday night can’t come around soon enough.



* * *

Turning, I stare at myself in the mirror. The black cocktail dress is sexy but not overly so. There’s a keyhole neckline that hints at my cleavage and the skirt is short, but not two-bit whore short. Perfect.

Then I fluff out my curls and shoot a smile at my reflection. The last two days have been stressful, but as I predicted, we were over the hump at work and now I’m looking forward to unwinding with some drinks, food, and two sexy men.

Clarissa better not let me down with this, I murmur to myself. I’ve been looking forward to the City Girls date since she threw it on me, and I almost took it out of a sense of charity. If these guys turn out to be duds, I’m going to be angry.

A chauffeured town car pulls up outside my building, and I wave at the driver.

“Miss Hoffman?” he asks. The agency always makes sure that we have a driver and our own car for assignations, so I merely smile and nod.

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