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“Yes, why? I realize BYOB can be tacky but trust us. They know us here at the Redwood and don’t give two shits that we’re drinking our own wine.”

The curvy girl sits back, her expression troubled.

“Well, it’s just that City Girls has us follow pretty strict safety protocols,” she begins.

“Such as?” Clay asks, one black brow rising.

Mara sighs.

“Well, the agency always recommends that we meet in a public area, and you know we’re in a semi-private area right now. Not that I think you would do anything,” she adds hastily. “But we’re also only supposed to only drink drinks mixed at the bar, but in this case…”

“In this case, we could have already drugged you,” I say dryly.

“No!” Mara exclaims. But then her cheeks color. “Well, sort of,” she adds lamely. “These are just recommended safety precautions.”

Clay leans froward and takes her hands in his.

“I assure you, sweetheart, that you’re in no danger. This drink isn’t spiked, nor are we going to take advantage of you in some way. At least, not right now. Hell, half the security would coming running if you let out a scream. Plus, you know that we’re on camera,” I say, nodding to a discreet semi-circular orb mounted on the ceiling.

Mara looks down, her cheeks a fetching pink.

“Thanks. I know. It’s just … well, you guys are doing things different from what I’m used to.”

I share a glance with my brother.

“It’s okay,” I say in a low tone. “Those best practices completely makes sense, and maybe we should adopt some for our own business, wouldn’t you say, Clay?”

Mara looks confused, but my twin merely nods, his eyes never leaving her gorgeous figure.

“Absolutely,” he growls. “There’s a lot to learn here.”

But the pretty brunette shoots us a weird look then.

“Wait, so you guys have never used City Girls before? These rules are all new to you?”

We sit back and laugh, the tension in the air dispelling.

“No, we have,” I begin. “But it’s been a while, so I guess we’re rusty. But we like the agency,” I continue. “They’re very consistent and always produce, which is the hallmark of a strong bottom line. Again, my brother and I have a lot to learn,” I say, shooting Clay a glance.

My twin growls, but Mara speaks again.

“What business are you in? I’m sorry, they didn’t tell me when the date was set up. You’re not professional vintners from France, are you?” she asks. “I don’t hear an accent.”

This could be tricky to answer, and my reply is vague.

“No, we’re not French. We’re actually businessmen here in New York City. In the entertainment business,” I clarify.

“We have our fingers in a lot of pies,” Clay adds, placing a hand on her knee. “But maybe we should get into wine-making full-time if this champagne really is that good.”

Mara lets out a giggle.

“Okay, the champagne is excellent but you’re not fooling me. I understand the need for discretion, which is why you’re not telling me what you really do,” she says. “After all, you’re powerful men, and have no need to brag.” But then she leans in close and gestures for Clay and me to do the same. “Can I tell you both a secret?”

“Of course,” I growl, her ruby lips so close I can almost taste them. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

Mara smiles. “Well, I’m not really a flight attendant.”

My brother leans back and lets out a belly laugh, his face lighting with mirth.

“We didn’t think you were,” he says indulgently. “Most ladies in this line of business aren’t. Let me guess: you’re actually an accountant.”

Mara pretends to look offended.

“No! OMG, do I look so boring to you? Do I give off those vibes?”

Chuckling I reach over and give her knee a fond squeeze.

“No of course not. Let’s see … are you a yoga instructor?”

Mara squeals again.

“Absolutely not!” she giggles. “These curves are way too big to squeeze into a yoga outfit, and besides, I hate how they raise the temperatures in those studios to one hundred degrees. It’s like getting baked in a humid oven.”

I chuckle.

“Pretty disgusting,” I agree. But then the buxom brunette leans over, showing off that generous décolletage.

“Actually, I’m an attorney at a law firm in the city. Criminal defense.”

My brother and I exchange surprised looks because that’s an intellectual job, and no walk in the park.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

She nods, looking like the cat that got in the cream.

“Yeah, but it’s not like what you see on TV. Honestly, there’s a lot of tedious work to be done, and it gets boring when you’re chained to a desk all day. So I moonlight with City Girls to spice up my life.”

Fuck, I’d like to chain her up. I can imagine Mara spread eagle, tied down to the mattress with those big breasts heaving as I lash her clit with my tongue. But I force myself to behave as my brother leans forward.

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