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The water coasts down my body, relaxing me, allowing me to unwind, and when I do that, my mind instantly goes back to the one time Alana and I were in her shower, her reddish-brown hair loose and tousled from my fingers running through it from taking her earlier in the night against the wall. We both needed one another, unable to make it to her room, our clothes stripped just inside her doorway. I almost forgot using a condom, that’s how much of an effect Alana had on me. My cock sliding through her bare pussy lips, her body arching, my length right at her entrance, all she’d have to do was slam down, and I would have been buried to the hilt. A big part of me wanted that, never having felt that way with another woman. Even with Jace’s mom, I always gloved up, but shit happens, and there’s no way I would have changed having him for the world.

“Keller.” Her moaning my name sounded breathless as I hurriedly put the condom on, grasped her hips, and slammed her down on my cock. Alana’s body took me like it was her god given right. I wrap my hand around my cock, each memory playing on a reel in my head, Alana’s cunt strangling my length as she came faster than ever before, taking me right along with her.

“Christ.” My hand doesn’t leave my dick. Another thing to be thankful for is messing up my left arm and not my right one, or it would be one hell of a recovery. Even still, the next reel playing in my mind is of when we moved to her shower, much smaller than my own, but we made it work. Instead of staying standing this time with my back up against the tile as Alana’s mouth works my cock, I take a seat on the built-in bench, knowing with the way my body is burning up with the thought of having her in this shower, remembering the way she sucked me so deep that the back of her throat convulsed against my cock, I won’t be able to stay upright. I feel Alana’s moans like a whisper against my skin. She’s not even in the same room with me, yet it's like she is. I grip my cock harder, nothing like it would be if she were here with me. The vision of her on her knees, hair wet, mascara running down her cheeks, a coy smile on her face when she takes her mouth off my length before she is no sooner back on it, tits bouncing, nipples hard and pebbled, skin wet from the shower, goose bumps peppering her skin but not from being cold; it’s the fact that she gets off on sucking my cock as much as when my face is between her spread thighs. My mouth waters, wanting a taste of her lips, her skin, and her cunt. “Fuck,” I groan on a downward slide of my fist, my balls drawing tight. I’m not quite ready to come yet, my mind not catching up with what my body is demanding, so I slack off, going back to Alana sucking me off, my hands sliding down the slope of her neck until they’re full of her perky breast, my thumbs gliding along the cherry-tipped nipples, knowing if my mouth were on them right now, she’d be coming. If only I could slide my hand down the length of her body, I know I’d find her cunt wet, begging for my cock.

“Alana.” When she purrs along my cock, that’s when my hands leave her breasts, fisting her hair, guiding her up and down, not that she needs help with making me come. It’s more of wanting it to last as long as possible and the need to be in control of when she takes my cum down the back of her throat. My eyes lock on hers. Alana’s eyes are wide open, and that’s when I jet my cum inside her mouth, watching as she swallows me, feeling it, too. Every fucking sensation I’m feeling is on overload, and it’s because of the woman I let get away. I’m pissed as hell I’m coming in my hand when I could have her in my bed. That’s something that will happen, and hopefully soon. I don’t care if I have to work double time. I need Alana like I need air to breathe, and I won’t stop until I have her.



It’s Sunday, and true to Keller’s word, he’s stayed consistent—a good morning text, a few others along the way, some about him and Jace, some about him pouting, pretending to need a nurse to help him out. Don’t think for one second I wasn’t second-guessing making him work his way back into my life. I’ve almost caved twice now, but then I remembered what I deserve, and I’m not settling for anything less. There are also those texts that ask how my day is going that I see in the middle of the day. Lucky for me, I was able to answer those during my lesson planning hour. The calls at night, though, those mean the most. His undivided attention, the way he remembers certain things I said, and how literally we can talk for hours on end, never running out of things to discuss. So, while Keller and Jace are at Tanner’s for their Sunday barbeque they’re doing even with his parents out of town, I had my own family fun to be at in the form of my grandparents’ house.

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