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Tinsley looks over her shoulder, a smirk playing on her lush lips. “So much for frostbite,” I mumble under my breath, my dick perking up to the sway of Tinsley’s hips. I’m sure she heard it, but I’m finding my will to give a shit not there.

We make it inside, the two rent-a-bodyguards nowhere in sight. Matt and David aren’t there. When we had our first meeting, I suggested to Tinsley’s dad that if I was on break, the other two should stick to her like glue. That’s yet to happen. I’m not sure if she somehow dumped them or if they’re just that fucking stupid. If this shit keeps happening, I may need to call in reinforcements in order to sleep a few hours at a time.

“Come on, I’ll walk you back to your quarters,” I offer, my hand going to the base of her back, skin meeting skin, amplifying the rightness that shouldn’t be there. Not when she’s a client and her dad is my boss.

“Okay.” I see her chest rise then fall. If I don’t keep my distance, this may all blow up in my face. I nod at her before we move up the east wing to where she stays, well away from her parents, who are in the west wing of this palatial estate. This place is a logistical nightmare. Robert Sutton is a stubborn-ass man and refuses to listen to reason. It’s something else I’ll need to bring to Slade’s attention if shit continues down this path.



I’m playing with fire, bound to get burned. I know this like I know what my path in life is meant to be. Tinsley Sutton, only daughter to Robert and Cynthia Sutton the Third. It’s all a joke though, the way they dote on me now like they did during my childhood. What you didn’t see, behind the façade as soon as the media left, was me being foisted off to the nanny, cook, or any hired help. It’s something I became accustomed to. Right now, though, it’s leaving me reeling. There has to be a reason dear old dad all of a sudden has an interest in my well-being.

Leo’s palm is searing my lower back. The way his fingers graze the top of my ass, I know I’m not imagining things. When I shuffle closer to his side, the tips of his fingers tighten on my skin, intensifying the feel of him.

The day Leo walked into my father’s office, it was instantaneous between us. We had a pull to one another, the way he was standing, tall and imposing. Arms crossed at the wrists, face void of any emotion as we were introduced. He didn’t even shake my hand and instead chose to give me a nod. He may be able to hide his emotion, but his eyes gave everything away. Those gray eyes were filled with desire, the pupils dilating as they moved from the tips of my flushed cheeks down the entire length of my body. I did the exact same thing. Dark hair that’s short but has enough length for me to run my hands through. His skin looks as if it was kissed by the sun. The frame of his body more muscular than I’m used to seeing at the country club, that’s for sure. I bet he could pick up my curvy frame without a problem, his arms looking as if they’d have no problem taking care of this idiot who is all of a sudden threatening me. Which, let me say by the way, wouldn’t shock me if it was another one of Robert Sutton’s many lies he likes to tell.

There’s was no way Leo wasn’t interested, heck he still is, I can see it in his heated gaze. He’s in what I now know is his standard-issue clothes. On anyone else it would look boring, but the black polo shirt molds to his chest, showing me just what he’s packing beneath it, and his black cargo pants with a black belt have me thinking things I really shouldn’t. My mind plays out what Leo could do with it, how he’d raise my hands above my head, tying them to the headboard while he takes me, or my hands tied behind my back as he fucks me from behind. Those thoughts cause a full-body shiver.

“You cold?” he asks, this time bringing his hand around to my hip, pulling me closer. I breathe in his scent—undercurrents of spices and woodsy tones. It must be the cologne he wears. Either way, I could bask in it.

“Kind of,” I respond, not wanting him to loosen his hold. I know I only have a few more moments in his presence before he leaves for the night and I won’t see him until tomorrow morning.

“We’ll get you warmed up in no time.” He drops his head, the rasp in Leo’s tone only making me want him more.

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