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“Climb in bed. I’m going to shower.” I watch as she gets on what is my side of the bed, her ass up in the air, giving me another view that I shouldn’t be staring at so intently. I shake my head to clear thoughts of coming up behind her, pulling that poor excuse for shorts down to her thighs, and feasting on her pussy. Damn it, this woman is trying to kill me, and not in the she’s-got-a-crazy-stalker sort of way. Oh no, it’s in the way her body moves so effortlessly.

I make my way into the bathroom, knowing I need to be fast about this, not wanting my eyes off her for a second. It would have made sense to leave right away, but in the back of my brain I know Slade needs to handle Sutton first, and if we left right now, in the middle of the night, what’s to say the person after Tinsley isn’t here and watching? If we can make it appear as if she’s leaving for class and everything is golden, it’ll give us more of an opportunity to come up with a better game plan.

Fuck, this is going to be a long night with no sleep again.



The heat surrounding me is something I’m not used to. I usually wake up cold, my feet freezing, trying to get more blankets on top of me. That’s not what’s happening today. My arms are wrapped around a warm, firm body, my hand slowly moving from the solid chest down to Leo’s chiseled abdomen. I don’t know if this is a dream or if it’s really happening. All I do know is that I don’t want this to end.

“Beautiful.” Leo’s voice is husky in my ear, causing me to shift my body, attempting to get as close to his voice and body as possible. His hand sinks into my lower back, massaging it. My fingertips are at the edge of his pants, ready to delve further and feel all of him. That’s when I’m flipped onto my back, legs spread wide, and what I thought was a dream is a real-life version of Leo hovering above my body. Leo’s face is soft with sleep. He’s bare chested, showing off his body, a body that I practically laid on top of all night long. He rocks his hips, my core tightening in response when I feel just how hard he is, and I swear to all that is holy I can feel him completely. His cotton shorts along with my silk sleep shorts give both of us a tease of what’s beneath, in this case I know what I’m not wearing, and with the outline of his cock I can guarantee both of us would be completely bare if we slid our bottoms off.

“Leo.” My hands move to his shoulders, my legs wrap around his trim waist, wanting to feel more.

“As much as I want this to happen, we have a few obstacles to get through before it can.” He grinds his hips down, punctuating with every thrust what he’s talking about. My fingers grip him harder, my head tipping back on a moan. I want to rock into him. Instead, I hold myself steady.

“I’m sorry,” I breathe out as my eyes meet Leo’s.

“No, don’t apologize, but shit has gone down, and I need to call Slade. We have to come up with a new plan. One that doesn’t have you in this place. I’m only one person, and there’s no way I can protect you in a damn mini McMansion.” Leo’s warmth leaves my body as he stands up, his hand reaching out for mine to help me out of bed. The only thing it does is put my face close to Leo’s length.

“Fuck, don’t look at me like that. Not right now. I’m not strong enough.” He rubs his hand down his face. I take my eyes off his cock. My ears no doubt burning with the tinges of redness from blushing for getting caught.

“Um, I’ll go get a shower and throw on some clothes while you deal with that?” I offer, trying to stop my wayward thoughts.

“Let me get dressed, grab my phone, and we’ll go to your room. You can get ready, but we’re leaving as soon as Slade gives me the okay,” he states. I nod my head and stand up. There’s barely an inch between us once again, and I’m finding I love it, probably more than I should.

“Okay, I only need my laptop bag for school. Do you think we’ll be able to stay at my place?” I ask.

“More than likely. Slade and I touched on the subject already.” His voice is low, making me realize he’s worried about more than what happened to my door.

“Okay, I’ll be ready when you are,” I tell him. Leo doesn’t do what I’m expecting him to do, which is throw some clothes on and grab his own bag. Nope, he does the unexpected. I’m molded to the front of his body more so now. His hand lands on my lower back. The warmth I’m feeling there is instantaneous.

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