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She wrenched her head around to face me, a picture postcard of shock. Her face had turned white, eyebrows high on her head in frozen animation. She didn’t make a sound as I loosened my belt, not a single fucking sound. I looped the leather in two, tested it hard against my hand. Aimee flinched at the thwack, and underneath my rage the lust uncoiled, stretching a path right the way along my spine. I hitched the soft white cotton of her nightdress, sucking in breath at the beauty of her ass. She was perfectly formed, milk-white flesh goose-pimpling before my eyes. She flinched again as I hooked my fingers inside her lacy pink thong, gasping as I slid the scrap of fabric all the way down her thighs. She clenched her legs together, but not in time to hide her modesty. Her pretty little pussy had bared its lips, promising me the tightest of wet kisses. Fuck. I was hard. Fucking hard and fucking angry. I stood in no man’s land, fighting for composure, struggling to back the fuck down and get out of there, out of the fucking craziness. I took a step back, letting the belt hang limp against my thigh.

Aimee didn’t move.

She didn’t move a muscle.

Finally her voice peeped up, thin and wispy in the quiet. “Kyle...”

“Shut up,” I barked. “For once in your life, just shut the fuck up.” My dick pulsed in my jeans, thrumming with the need for brutality, the need to punish.

She arched her back, shimmering blonde curls under the kitchen spotlights. “Kyle... Daddy...”

“SHUT UP!” I could feel my pulse in my temples, rushing with adrenaline. “You’ll shut up if you know what’s good for you.”

She turned her head again, slowly this time. I saw her lips move without sound, the quietest utterance. I moved closer, straining to hear her fucking apology.

But there was no apology.

“Please...” she whispered, so softly it was like a breath. “Do it.”

I nearly buckled on the spot, nearly shot my hot fucking load in my jeans. Her big, wide eyes, her tight little mouth. “Apologise,” I barked. “Final chance.”

She shook her head, then turned away, pressing her face to the tabletop. She moved her arms out of the way, her hands flat to the wood. I saw the muscles in her legs tense, the soft globes of her ass bracing themselves for punishment.

“You’re a very, very bad girl, Aimee. Apologise now or I’ll show you what happens to bad girls.”

Her breath was shallow and frantic, but she didn’t move a muscle.

“Last chance, Aimee.” I pressed my hand onto the small of her back, and she gasped, shifting from foot to foot, but still she stayed quiet.

“Fine, then,” I told her. “Let’s teach you some manners, shall we?”

“Yes, Kyle...” she murmured.

My dick jerked in my jeans, swollen enough to fucking burst, and I gave in, gave in to the whole fucking lot of it. Every dirty thought, every wet fucking dream, every single time I’d jerked off over her.

“Daddy,” I said. “You’ll call me Daddy from here on in.”

I felt her shiver, her breath catching in her throat. I waited, soaking in the silence, waited until she choked out the words.

“Yes... Daddy...” she whimpered. “Please...”

I started slowly, but made sure it hurt. I gave her ass a decent slapping with my palm until she was murmuring, but that wasn’t enough of a punishment.

She needed more.

I groaned as I swung the belt, bringing it down hard against virgin flesh. She wriggled like a fish, squealing in shock and pain.

“This is what happens to sneaky, dirty girls in this house,” I grunted. “You’ll be good from now on, Aimee. Really fucking good.”

“Ow!” she wailed. “Ow, Daddy, Ow!”

I hit her so fucking hard, over and over, lashing her with vicious bites of leather until she tried to scramble away. I pulled her back into position calmly. “Take your punishment like a good girl,” I hissed. “Take it all.”

Her knees locked together, her breathing ragged. “Yes, Daddy!” she cried. Her pain-filled sob was the sweetest fucking sound I’d ever heard.

I stroked her hair, teasing her curls in my fingers. “Let Daddy teach you, like a good girl.”

I landed a vicious stroke across her thighs, and her soft whimper was music to my filthy ears. It spurred me on all the more, savaging her soft flesh with hard, loud thwacks. I beat her ass red raw, raw enough that she was shaking with adrenaline, yelping and twitching at every blow. I stopped only when breathless, surveying the damage. The girl was broken, sobbing against the table, and yet she hadn’t made any attempt to move away.

“Have you learnt your lesson now, Aimee?”

She nodded, gulping in air. I dropped the belt on the floor and ran my fingers over the rosy welts on her ass.

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