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We’ve been up all day. We got here after we voted in Maryland, where our official residence is, but the polls in California are finally closing, and we’ll know something one way or the other in just a few minutes. We’ll know if my leadership was up to par and if the American people want me to continue what I’ve been doing in these uncertain times.

In the living room, my staff sits around, drinking, talking, laughing, basically waiting to see if we have four more years of this.

“Turn that up,” Daisy says, gesturing to the TV.

“It’s official; we are calling the popular vote for President Anderson.”

Cheers erupt from everyone in the room. For a single second, I hesitate. I think I almost wanted to lose so that I could spend even more time with Daisy and the children, but that passes just as quickly as I thought it.

Twenty minutes later, my opponent, James Klein, concedes victory to me in a short press conference where he wishes me the best. Then before I know it, I am accepting the nomination with my wife by my side. The day's politics are soon over, and we head back upstairs before journeying back to DC in the morning.

“Mr. President?”

“Yes, Miss Daisy,” I ask, already kicking my shoes and socks off before loosening my tie.

“I’m mighty proud of you, sir.”

“Come show me, baby,” I demand, catching her as she launches herself at me.

“I love you,” she whispers before our lips connect, and the race to rip each other’s clothes off is on.

“I love you too,” I groan as I bury myself balls deep inside of her. Pounding in and out of her, all is as it should be. Her nails grip my shoulders as she meets me thrust for thrust. Her little pussy milks my cock as I grip her hips. I know that I am bruising them, but she doesn’t care. She lets me do whatever I want to get us both off.

I never knew love could come on so fast and last. Loving the woman has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. With her by my side, I know that I can do anything. She is my good luck charm, my goddess, my everything all rolled into one.

She came to me when I needed her the most, and nothing will ever be the same again.



ten years later

I had always wondered what presidents did after they left office. Now, I know, and it’s not what I expected. Instead of boring golf and talking about the good old days, we travel a lot. With three growing boys, you might wonder how we can do this. While we might be considered cold parents, the boys all go to Gallatin's prestigious boarding school in Tennessee. So during the school year, we travel, and they learn. We spend every break and all summer with them doing whatever they want to do. Since its establishment, every man in Taylor’s family has gone to the school. It helps the boys choose a focus no matter what it is. Ryder, our oldest, focuses on art. Graham, our middle boy, chose math, like his daddy. Paulie, our youngest, likes theatre and wrestling. Gallatin lets them be unique while getting all the college or career prep they can handle. I balked at first, but I like what it’s giving the boys.

I’m barely thirty, and all I’ve done in my life is be there for my husband, which is exactly what I wanted, what I needed. Some women wish to have the world laid at their feet. They go out and get exactly what they want. They want a career or fame, family. Why should I be any different, just because I had no ambitions? I just wanted Taylor. After seeing him on the TV while the country burned for no reason, I wanted him. I needed him. I knew he was mine, and I just had to be brave enough to go and get him. I did it. Eventually, it brought me to him. The instantaneous love between us told me I was right. I was right to wait for him. I was right to leave my world behind and join him in his.

My parents showed me what love should look like. It was the best example, and I found all that and more with Taylor. He gives me what I need, and I do the same for him. He takes me around the world, showing me things I never thought I’d see.

In Paris, I’m lying in bed as Taylor opens the drapes. The room has a view of the Eiffel Tower. According to the alarm clock, it’s ten in the morning, but he has a room service cart with champagne and strawberries on it at the foot of the bed.

France is so freaking decadent and gorgeous. I could die from the bread and cheese alone, but what a happy death.

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