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It’s true because I don’t hold anything back when confiding in my bestie.

“Okay.” I lean forward, biting my lip before propping my chin on my hand. “I did meet a new guy last night. I mean, I meet a lot of guys, of course, but Ben is different.”

Alana lifts her brows, surprised.

“Ben, hmm? What makes him so special?”

I giggle.

“Well, of course he was insanely hot, but it wasn’t just hot and nasty all night, although there was that component. Instead, we really connected.”

My friend’s eyebrows go up, her pretty face tentative.

“How so?”

I inhale deeply.

“Well, after we were done we actually cuddled, and then I fell asleep in his arms. You know that once these guys finish, I usually sneak out and head downstairs because that’s one of the benefits of Club Z. The girls don’t hang around, so you can get a good night’s sleep without a strange body tossing and turning next to you.”

Alana presses her brows together, pursing her mouth.

“But you didn’t try sneaking out this time?”

I shake my head.

“No, I did, but Ben wasn’t having it. When I made to start getting out of bed, he pulled me back into his arms and then basically held me until I dozed off. It was insane.”

Alana is grinning mischievously.

“Well, that sounds kind of romantic, actually.”

I giggle.

“Trust me, it was, and I was surprised because what we did in bed wasn’t romantic at all. It was hot and nasty, just the way I like it. Just the way he likes it too, judging from how many times he came. He must have climaxed five times that night, and he gave it to me good too. I’ve never been so wrung out before.”

Alana’s eyes go wide.

“Holy shit.”

I nod.

“I know, and I used my flute as a prop. It was insane. Let’s just say all those little ridges on it make for one interesting ride.”

My buddy chokes a bit on her tea.

“Just a minute because I want to make sure I’m understanding what you’re saying. So you did that with your flute. The same flute that you used to play in high school.”

I nod cheerily.

“Oh yeah, at Ben’s command. He loved it too.”


I shrug.

“To be honest, it isn’t the first time I’ve used my flute with a male client. Let’s just say that learning flute in high school has paid more dividends than I ever imagined.”

I wink and laugh as Alana practically snorts tea from her nose this time. Reaching over, I clap her on the back.

“OMG, did I go overboard with the sharing?”

The pretty brunette takes a deep breath while patting at her mouth, and finally sits back while fanning herself with her hand.

“No, but yeah, that was a little unexpected. Hell girl. You never fail to impress. This Club Z place is super-wild.”

I nod and wink.

“Sounds like we need to find you a job at Club Z too then. I swear, my climaxes last night were so intense that I couldn’t even see afterwards. My vision was literally blurry for a while.”

My buddy giggles and shakes her head.

“OMG, you’re so exaggerating. But no, I’ll stick with being a teacher. So do you think you’ll see this guy again? I mean, the Club never gives out their contact info, right?”

I nod, but nothing can destroy my happy mood.

“Yeah, but this is the best part. About twenty minutes before you arrived, I got a call from management saying Ben has requested to see me again!”

My friend grabs my hands and we both squeal with delight.

“Clearly he was a fan of your naughty flute show!”

I laugh.

“I know right? Even better, he wants to take me out to dinner this time, and I’m excited because the club has this amazing restaurant. So yeah, it’s going to be a real date.”

Alana’s mouth drops open.

“That’s incredible! Holy shit. What are you going to wear? Maybe we should go shopping.”

“Yes! I need something sexy.”

She throws me a rueful look.

“Mich, everything you own is sexy.”

I nod in agreement.

“Yeah, that’s true but I want something new. I’m thinking it should be slinky and especially scandalous to show off my best parts. I mean, the restaurant’s on Club Z premises, so I can go all out if you know what I mean.”

My bestie nods.

“Absolutely. OMG girl, I’m so excited for you. This is going to be a night to remember with an incredible man.”

I nod and my heart’s already racing with anticipation. I can’t contain my excitement, so I jump up and toss my purse over my shoulder before grabbing my keys.

“Let’s go! I need to find the perfect dress to knock this man off his feet.”

Alana laughs.

“Right this minute?”

“Yes!” I exclaim. “I heard the Latex Baroness is having a sale, and you know I love their leather corsets. There’s bound to be something good there.”

Alana shakes her head and grabs her purse as well.

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