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But right. They don’t pay us to be wrapped like mummies in thick blankets. Catching Ben’s eye as he pours our drinks, I let the throw slide off my shoulders, and then lift one of my legs so that it’s propped on the arm of the sofa. With that knee bent up towards me and my other foot still planted on the ground, I know that he’s getting an open view of my sex, pink and moist and waiting for him. His eyes darken until the bright blue is almost completely black, and he nearly misses the counter as he hastily puts the bottle of bourbon down. But Ben’s clever with his hands, and soon, he’s headed over with two tumblers of amber liquid.

He hands me a glass and I raise my eyebrow while holding it up with a cheeky grin.

“You don’t need to get me drunk, big boy. I’m pretty much a sure thing right now.”

His nostrils flare and he glances at my slick pussy, and then he takes a hard swallow of bourbon. Ben looks conflicted for a moment, and I wonder why? After all, billionaires expect this kind of behavior from the hostesses who work at Club Z. But then his eyes go clear once more, and he sits on the couch beside me before running one big hand up my exposed thigh.

“Mmm,” I moan, smiling at him.

His hands feel amazing and to my surprise, the palm is strong and calloused like he does actual work that involves heavy labor. I’m not complaining because I get paid no matter how the money is made, but most of the male clients here have hands softer than mine, and I suspect the heaviest work they’ve encountered is lifting a pen or maybe ordering lunch on the phone. Or directing their secretary to order lunch on the phone for them.

Then in one swift motion, Ben slides his hands around my waist and lifts me onto his lap. Giggling, I wrap my arms around his neck, enjoying the way his hard body feels under me. He keeps one hand on the small of my back, barely above the curve of my ass. The other hand goes to my face, holding me against the side of my cheek as his fingers spread apart and push into my hair.

“You know you’re driving me crazy, don’t you?” he rasps.

Biting my lip, I nod.

“And I know you like it.”

I rotate my hips, grinding my bottom over the erection trapped behind his pants.

“Fuck, woman. You’re a damned vixen.”

Smiling, I shrug, but I love how much deeper his voice sounds right now than it did just a few seconds ago. But then he pulls back, those blue eyes sharp.

“How the hell does a beautiful woman like you end up working at Club Z?”

I titter.

“Well, you may have noticed it’s kind of a requirement for the women here to be beautiful. The club sets high standards for everyone it employs because our clients, like you,” I run my finger between his pecs, “have high expectations.”

He grabs my hand from his chest and brings my finger up to his mouth, nipping the tip with his teeth before pressing a kiss to it. Watching him, I bite my lip. His kiss, even just on my fingertip, sends waves of heat through my body and I squirm in his lap.

“You’re evading the question,” he replies in a light tone. “What’s the real reason, woman?”

I bite my lip because do I really want to get into it? How I have a history of psychiatric disturbances, and how I was once committed to a mental hospital? Okay, make that twice, but still. I’m better now.

Yet, I know the men here don’t want to hear that kind of information. They’re here for a good time, and I need to use my better judgment, even if Ben’s eyes are kind and inquisitive.

“I’m here because it’s the best job I could get,” I say in a light voice. “I like it here.”

Ben nods.

“I see,” he drawls. “And is that all?”

Smiling, I shrug. It’s mostly true, so I’m not lying, and going deeper isn’t going to speed things along. It’s definitely not sexy, so I just skirt the question again.

“Well, different people enjoy different things in this world. And as for me?” I query, lifting myself and readjusting so that I’m straddling his lap as his erection presses directly against my wet pussy. “I love pleasing men. Watching them lose control while their cock is deep inside me, or while I’m on my knees worshiping them with my mouth.” I run my tongue over my lips so that they glimmer wetly. “It makes my job pleasurable, and for me, that’s about as good as it gets.”

Ben’s eyes flare and he rolls his hips beneath me, making his erection rub up against my sensitive nub.

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