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Chapter Six


I wanted a real home-cooked meal or at least something tasty, not the craft services deli spread that had been set out for the cast and crew to dine on during filming.

While I appreciated their effort, I wanted to steal an hour for myself away from the set.

I stepped out from my trailer, my purse on my shoulder, donning a pair of sunglasses.

I avoided the security team, a bunch of good-looking guys who were locals, former military, and they looked every bit ready to kick some ass.

If I hadn’t met Lincoln the night before, I might have considered flirting with one of them, but truthfully that was all an act.

How I wanted to be, not who I was as a person.

I snatched a baseball cap that had been abandoned on a nearby chair and tucked my long blonde hair under the cap, trying to disguise myself as best as I could.

No one seemed to notice me, dressed like everyone else. With their attention elsewhere, I slipped offset and out to the parking lot, a mowed field, for my rental car.

The hair on my arms stood on end.

A woman with long dark hair slumped over, and a gentleman caught her from behind and swooped her into his arms.

He carried her across the parking lot.

“Hey!” I shouted, rushing after the gentleman.

What the hell was going on?

Was she okay?

I didn’t get a close enough glance to see if she was someone I knew from filming.

He carried her toward a white van. “Mind your own business,” a gruff voice retorted.

He yanked open the back door of his vehicle.

I hurried after them and shoved my hand into my purse. I yanked out my hot pink can of mace and held it up, threatening the abductor.

Everything told me she was in danger, that whoever this guy was, he was out to hurt her.

“Let her go!” I screamed, hoping that someone would hear my shouts.

Where the hell was the security team who was hired to watch the set?

He wasn’t the least bit gentle with the brunette as he tossed her into the back of the van.

The moment he turned around, I had my finger on the trigger of the mace, but he ripped it from my petite hands and backhanded me across the face.

My cheek stung, and my eyes burned with fear.

“Get in.” He nodded toward the open back door where the young woman lay motionless.

Was she asleep?


“No, I’m not going anywhere with you.” I took a step back, unsure how to help the woman in the van. If I went with her, I’d be endangering my life.

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