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More silence filled the vehicle as he pulled out of the hospital parking lot and drove us toward Breckenridge.

I stared out the side window. I should have been tired, but I wasn’t. I felt more awake than I’d been in quite a long time.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, or perhaps something else? What had I been drugged with? Who had drugged me, Enzo or Zan? Did it matter?

I hated the silence.

It made me feel even more uncomfortable. I glanced at Lincoln as he stared at the road, both hands tight on the steering wheel. Was he mad at me?

“Are we going to talk about the fact you’re married?” Lincoln asked, “or that your husband runs the Italian Mafia?”

I licked my lips. “You know that saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well, getting married doesn’t stay in Vegas.”

“Is that supposed to be funny?” Lincoln shot.

I shrugged. “I guess not. I met him in Vegas. We danced together, got drunk, and somehow ended up at a wedding chapel marrying each other. I don’t really remember much of it, just that I woke up with a really bad hangover the next day, and I had a diamond on my ring finger. I snuck out, vowed to forget about it, and move on. I didn’t even know his name that morning.”

“They let you marry him while you were intoxicated?” Lincoln fumed. “Didn’t you need a marriage license that you get at a courthouse before going to the chapel?”

I gave a shrug. “Yes, but one of his buddies worked at the courthouse. He acted like he was doing us a favor.”

“Maybe doing Enzo a favor. He certainly wasn’t doing you one.” Lincoln’s grip tightened on the steering wheel.

I didn’t want to be married to Enzo. Didn’t Lincoln see that? “I called a lawyer to find out if the marriage was legally binding and because I was intoxicated at the time of the marriage, I can get the marriage annulled if Enzo is willing to, on the grounds that I wasn’t capable of consenting or understanding what I was doing. If not, then we have to legally obtain a divorce. I hadn’t spoken to him since Vegas. I didn’t even know his name until a copy of the marriage certificate was sent to me.”

“I’ll get you that divorce if that’s what you want,” Lincoln said.

“It honestly is,” I wanted nothing to do with Enzo, now or in the future. All ties between us I wanted severed. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you. It’s not something I talk about, ever.”

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