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The only sound she makes is a low, agreeable groan, her hips undulating in my bed,her breasts that slightly tilt to the side and look like double trouble, jerk with each and every one of her moves. Rubbing my face against her stomach, so that she will feel the scarring and get used to it, I slowly take her mouth, making her open up to me. Angling her chin, I drink her sweetness, wanting it in my blood.

Mine. I will never be able to tear myself from her. She is a part of me and she can wail and cry or try to fight me but I will never give her up. I cannevergive her up. Reluctantly pulling away, I grab her wrists on either side of her head, looking down at her while my heart aches.

“You and me,” I rasp. “Always.”

She nods. “Yes, always. You and me.”

I pull her mane to the side, watching it fan against my white pillow and she bites her lip, her hands searching for me and when she cups me, I clench my jaw, thrusting into her palms. They’re so soft it feels like being touched by something ethereal, something that is too good for me and too good to be true.

She rubs me, causing my cock to strain until it feels like I will shoot straight into her pretty face. Bending forward she licks my body, tasting the lines of my muscles and her eyes shudder. I hiss when she puts me in her mouth, sucking me with tentative licks that make me want to kill every man who ever touched her, including the doctor who held her when she was born.

She’s a compulsion, a necessity, an urge that I need to fill over and over and no matter how much she gives or allows it to overflow I’m only going to greedily force more and more out of her.

There is something deep inside of me that needs to be nurtured and Melody seems to know that instinctively. We are made for each other and nothing, not a killer, not my profession or an age gap will come in between us.

Our bodies plaster when I take my shaft out of her lush mouth and slam my lips over hers, before finding her center and I hesitate for a second but she moves her hips, her pussy kissing the tip of my cock and I lose it, ramming into her and she lets out a hoarse gasp.

Tensing, I still in her and she bites her lip, digging into it and I can tell she’s trying hard not to whimper. She will get used to me soon and I cage her in with my arms, sliding my tongue over the seam on her lower lip and she reluctantly eases.

Her walls cradle my cock, clenching around me and being inside of her makes me feel like a rope trying to pull through a needle. There’s so much tension that I need to grit my teeth to not go crazy on her but then I slowly rock and she moans. I do it again and again and again, before bending down and screw her nipples with my mouth.

She goes wild, scratching her nails down my back, calling my name as if I’m some savior and her eyes are flared and vulnerable. They don’t hide anything, don’t hide what she feels for me and I grind my jaw, pulling her to her knees and position myself behind her.

Her head flails, her tits jutting furiously like ribbons in the wind when I slam into her, slow once, then faster and harder until her moans and cries turn into a mess. She wants to be taken like this and I rut her, clenching my teeth and my eyes flare up when I see a movement in the window on the opposite side, then another in the window next to that.

They’re worried about the girl’s safety.

My neighbors are watching, their faces horrified as if they can’t believe what they’re seeing. Can’t wrap their heads around why a girl like Melody would willingly let herself be fucked by the public enemy.

But this feels good. In a way this feels like a vengeance I didn’t think I needed when they see a girl like Melody possessed by a male like me.

I shove my cock harder into her, pumping her whole body against me, wrenching her down. I grin, knowing that I look like a maniac and it’s my way of telling them to stay the fuck away and the figures in the windows scatter. She’s now so swollen and silky around me and I put my palm against her stomach, searching for her clit and its pumping and begging for attention and I give it a slap, causing her to cry out,

“Callan, fuck!”

“Take it all the way,” I growl, “let me feel your cunt seizure around my cock.” She convulses, screaming and selfishly yanking my come out of me and I arch my back, groaning and grunting while she collapses on my shaft, twitching and pulsating and our breaths echo in the silent room.

Panting, she turns over to her back, her pussy looking like a beautiful mess from my treatment and I drop down beside her, shoving my fingers into her hair and pull her mouth to mine. She tastes different, surprised and satisfied and like she doesn’t belong to herself anymore.

Moaning silently, she presses her lips in every little crook she can find, my cheekbones, the space between my pecks. It feels like home to have her and she puts her face against my throat and I feel her pulse jerk against mine. I tell her again that I love her. She doesn’t whisper it back but it does not matter to me.

Whether she says it or not is of little importance. What matters is that she knows she belongs to me and judging but the way she gave herself away, I know that she does.



We don’t go to sleep yet because it’s not that late and when my stomachrumbles, a guilty and amused look crosses Callan’s face but in a way it is his fault that I lost so many calories. I put on a pair of pajama shorts and thin robe over. Throwing a quick look in the window, I try to arrange my hair but Callan only messes it up again.

We almost don’t make it downstairs, our mouths and hands too fixated on each other to care about anything else and all it takes is Callan brushing his fingertips over me for my core to start throbbing. I’m hypersensitive around him. It’s like my skin will start weeping unless he strokes me and loves me.

My brows rise but I don’t say anything when Callan checks the front door, just to be on the safe side but of course it’s locked. And of course I imagined everything about someone being here when I was in the bathtub and inwardly I shake my head.

In the kitchen we finally manage to slightly separate and I grab a piece of fruit to eat while Callan takes out practically the whole refrigerator to make himself a sandwich. Smiling, I watch him for a second in his, low hanging, black lounge pants.

Looking at his muscular back, one could easily mistake him for a guy in his twenties but to me he is a man in his prime. I love his face. The way he always looks like he’s concentrating, the depth in his eyes, the sophisticated lines on his forehead and that stern mouth of his.

It’s the kind of mouth that makes a girl want to act recklessly, just to stir him up and since he’s practically risking his job to be with me, I think I succeeded. Going into the hallway, I grab my basic cellphone that’s of a model that nobody uses anymore and go and lay down on the couch.

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