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He nods. “I was. My deepest apologies for scaring you.”

“You’re not sorry,” I say and he smiles.

“You’re right, I’m not. But don’t try and stall with me, Juliet. You were very naughty for escaping me and now they are on to me because of you.” He slowly raises his chin, sneering, “Time to finish what I started.”

He jerks his gun, gesturing for me to walk up the staircase and I gulp. “Callan will murder you for this.”

A look full of self-pity narrows in on Harvey’s face. “It does not matter to me, Juliet. I love you so much that I put two bullets in this gun anyway. One for you.”

His next words make me see spots in front of my eyes because I realize that he has nothing to lose.

“And one for me.”



About to explode in frustration because I’ve lost her, I freeze when there’san earthshattering scream coming from inside my house.


Blood pounds in my temples, the forest rippling in my periphery as I run and I know that if I do not get to her in time...

Grinding my jaw, I surge through the backdoor and get greeted by screams from the hallway. Girly screams. Racket is growling while Melody is whimpering and I grab a firmer hold of my gun, my whole world turning red and I don’t feel like a man anymore.

I’m wrath. I’m death. I’m the monster now.

“Let go of me,” Melody screams, bravely kicking as they are struggling and Racket is on top of her, holding her down. “Don’t do this!”

“Shut up, Juliet!” he spits, trying to pull her face to his. “Thus with a kiss you die...”

No, you die, motherfucker.

Bullets flare through the air, shooting him three times in the back of his head and it feels just like the first time. Then it was in the back of the head too. In this very house. History is repeating itself. And I found the first kill enjoyable but this one...this one is in an entire league of its own.

Melody is still screaming from hysteria and I take two strides over to her, kicking Racket off of her, growling, “Fucking traitor.” Looking down at Melody, who’s staring up at me with glazed eyes, I bend down and pull her up.

Her body is close to lifeless and I shake her lightly, encouraging her to focus.

“Hush now, love,” I soothe, pulling her mouth to my shoulder to muffle her cries. “It is over. It is all over.” She keeps shaking, her hands grabbing at my coat, her chest pressing up against my pecs and I take her face into my hands. “Hey...” I gently kiss her cold lips. “You and me. Always. You and me.”

She nods erratically, her teeth chattering. “ and,” she stutters and the words seem to pull her down back to earth. Her eyes flare as she glances at Racket and she whispers, “Is he really dead now?”

Lifting my gun, I say, “Shoot him once more if you want.”

Gasping, she shakes her head. “Callan, I shouldn’t have doubted you. I shouldn’t have run...”

“Never blame yourself.” I stroke her cheek. “You acted on survival instinct.” And that instinct has the ability to make everything else disappear; the need to stay alive drowning out everything else and Melody looks down.

“I panicked and it clouded my judgement.” Her voice is low and she bites her lip. “I can’t believe I thought you were...”

I cut her off with a kiss because I can’t stand the way her mouth trembles. At first she flinches in surprise, before safely snaking her arms around me but I can still taste her fear and adrenaline. And I don’t like it, needing to calm her down.

Holding her firmly, I start pulling her into my bedroom, leaving Racket cold and lifeless in the hallway.

“W...what are you doing...?” Melody stutters, with wide eyes but I kick the door shut behind us.

“The cops will be here soon,” I murmur, trailing kisses down her pulsating throat. “But right now, I don’t care if they come and find me inside of you.” I suck on her skin. “Need to feel you.” Need her more than ever when she could have been taken away from me.

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