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Spencer’s was right ahead to the left, next to the hardware store, and he pulled his truck in front. There wasn’t another car in sight.

“Jeez, the grocery store is hopping on a Saturday afternoon. Are you sure they’re open?”

“The dinner rush will start in about forty minutes, so we’re here just in time to get all the fresh stuff.”

He grabbed a cart and pointed out items he thought were tasty and she concurred or shook her head. At checkout, they’d picked out enough food for a while. Glancing at each other as they helped to bag the groceries, Luke winked at her.

“This looks like we’re planning on holing up for a few days,” she said, smiling.

“I didn’t mean to be so obvious,” he replied, laughing. “I can take you to Val’s anytime. But I hope you’ll stay. My place is big enough that you can find your own space.”

“I won’t know what to do without my laptop,” she said. “It’s probably good for me.”

“What would you do with it?”

“Get pissed off at social media,” she said, laughing.

They carried the bags out to his truck and loaded them into the back seat. He held the door for her and this time, he watched her pull her legs in, staring at them, starting with her feet with ten perfectly painted toenails, slowly moving up to trim ankles, over her muscular calves, and trying not to spend too much time attempting to see beyond the edge of the sundress that was at the edge of her bathing suit bottoms. He thought maybe he saw a curly, light brown hair peeking out, and a surge of desire cruised through his body. They made eye contact, and both laughed.

She guessed an hour together meant she was fair game.

“You’ve got great legs,” he said, reluctant to turn away from that view.

“You didn’t look at them when I got into the truck the first time.”

He grinned, nodding his head. “I wanted to see if you could stand being with me first. We’ve had a good hour, so I took a peek.”

She pointed her toe, flexing her calf, grinning at him sidelong.

“I think your legs are pretty fabulous,” he said, grinning back at her, longing to run his hand up that leg.

But when he got into the driver’s seat, he frowned. “I apologize. I keep forgetting I worked on that barn all day and I’m dirty and sweaty. I should have showered before we shopped.”

“It’s okay. I smell like fish from sitting on the dock,” she said, flaring her nostrils. “Disgusting.”

“I didn’t notice that at all,” he said.

“Well, trust me.”

“I have two bathrooms. You can have one and I’ll take the other.”

“Wow, you’re not going to proposition me and invite me to shower with you?” she asked.

“Not yet,” Luke replied. “I like you and if this is going to go anywhere, I need to take it slow.”

“Weneed to take it slow. I won’t put it all on you. But we can’t take ittooslow because I’m going to a war zone in two weeks.”

He reached over and took her hand. “Okay, not too slow, then. If we feel like speeding things up, we will.”

“I like you, Luke Esprit. You’re a gentleman.”

“Am I? I don’t consider myself to be a gentleman. That seems too rich.”

“What would you consider yourself to be, then?” she asked.

“How about just a nice guy?”

“A nice guy it is.”