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The house was quiet, only the noise of a storm out to sea crashing outside their bedroom window. Ryan had fallen asleep before eleven o’clock, a combination of alcohol, antidepressants, and sleep aids working to help the poor man finally get some rest. Lisa covered him with a blanket, leaving the bedroom with her clothes in hand. She’d wait at the window until she saw Lily on the beach. The crescent moon had already set to the southwest, so there was no reflection on the water, no silvery moonlight to track their movements. Ambient light from the marina was far enough south not to be an issue.

It was cold out. The sand had lost the heat of the day by the time she snuck from the house. Lily approached, a shadow moving north. They wore dark clothes when they met on the beach, making them less likely to be observed, although it was rare that anyone was out that late at that time of the year. Lisa’s golden hair was a dead giveaway, so she’d grabbed a cap her mother had knitted for her when she was a teenager and tucked her hair under it.

“I wondered if you were going to make it tonight,” Lily complained when Lisa caught up with her. “Lights were on at your house late.”

“We were watching a movie,” Lisa said. “I have to spend time with Ryan once in a while.”

“Anything good?”

“Chasing Amy.”

“Oh. Ha! Appropriate.”

They embraced in the shadows, and Lisa kissed her, parting Lily’s lips with her tongue. Her hands running over Lily’s ample body, Lisa desired her against her will. What had started out as a ruse had given way to passion. But it had to end. Lily’s demands were taking a toll on Lisa.

“Do you think you can get away tomorrow?” Lily asked.

“Maybe, but I doubt it,” Lisa answered. “Ryan seemed suspicious since your surprise visit. The nanny will be ready for my help by noon. I’ll make it up to you another time.”

“You always say that.”

“Lily, we’re together now. Just enjoy it.”

They kissed more, this time Lily not taking no for an answer when Lisa resisted her touch. She’d slipped her hands between Lisa’s legs, making her a little weak in the knees. Lisa reciprocated, kneading Lily until she moaned.

“We’d better get off the beach,” Lily said. “Let’s head up to the picnic area.”

They held hands, talking as they walked north. Then Lisa pulled two bottles out of her sweatshirt pocket.

“Hey, I brought wine coolers. I almost forgot. This is the best brand yet.” Twisting off the top, she handed one to Lily.

“Whoa! That’s good,” Lily said after taking a sip. “Yikes!”

“I know. Ha! It’s maybe a bit over the top with the faux cherry flavoring.”

“I like it,” Lily said, drinking down most of the bottle.

“Save some for when we stop,” Lisa reminded her, laughing.

“Let’s go farther north. It’s darker up there. I feel like we’re teenagers,” Lily said. “Trying not to get caught.”

“When you’re ready to come out—” Lisa said.

“Honey, I can never come out. My parents would disown me. I don’t consider myself a lesbian anyway. I’m only this way with you.”

They reached the desolate public beach. The picnic tables were ten feet from the surf, close but safe from the rising tide.

“I couldn’t wait to be with you tonight,” Lily said. “Do you want to make love?”

“If you do,” Lisa whispered. “It’s up to you. Whatever you’re comfortable with, Lily.”

Shaking, a wave of dizziness cruising over her body, Lily drank the last of the wine cooler and set the bottle on the table, then stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her sweatpants. She had trouble getting them off, trying to keep her balance. Lisa watched her, ready to do whatever she had to do to facilitate her plan for freedom.

“Are you okay?” Lisa asked, her heart racing.

“I’m not sure,” Lily answered, slurring her words. “That cooler made me so sleepy.”