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“Sorry. I’ve got time.”

“Follow me,” she said, nodding toward the back of the café.

His gaze traveled directly to her ass. Encased in spandex athleticwear, her two buns operated independently of each other, making Alan catch his breath, imagining his dick planted between them. He pulled his jacket over his crotch.

She led him to a table and pulled out a chair. “Have a seat. Do you want a cup of coffee?”

“Sure. That would be nice.”

He watched her walk back to the counter, imagining her naked this time. Shaking his head in disgust, he wondered what was wrong with his mind. There was no way he could engage this woman. A warning went off in his brain to get up and run as fast as he could, but something kept him glued to his chair. Lily was the kind of woman men like Alan and Dan used. She had one purpose, and that was to bring pleasure.

Alan decided to stay and hear her out. He’d try to keep his eyes away from her breasts but was already losing the battle.

She returned carrying two china mugs of coffee with a plate of toasted, buttered bagels balanced on one of the mugs.

“In case you’re hungry.”

“I’m hungry. Thanks.”

He continued to watch her while choosing a bagel to eat, listening to her talk. With arms at her sides, she squeezed her breasts together, emphasizing her cleavage, moving a little back and forth, and it mesmerized him.

“So, you feel that they are committing a crime,” he replied after listening to her description of Ryan and Lisa Maddox, two of the most boring, unthreatening people he’d ever met.

“I do,” she said, flushing.

He squirmed a little bit, aware that he had an erection. “Do you have a private place we can go to talk about this? I hate to have anyone overhear our conversation.”

“I get off in an hour. My apartment is above the drugstore.”

Nodding, he wondered what the hell he was doing, but it was out of control; he’d already made up his mind that if she offered, he was going to fuck her. Pulling at the crotch of his trousers, he bit his lip hard so he could stand up.

“I’ll meet you at your apartment at three,” he said. “I’ll take down a report then.”

She reached out her hand, and he took it, looking into her brown eyes. There was a hint of something there, which he took as playfulness.

By the time three o’clock rolled around, he’d spent hours fantasizing about Lily. He rang her doorbell, and she ran down the stairs to open the door. “Come in. My place is kind of dingy,” she said apologetically. “I’ve lived here since college and have never been motivated to get my landlord to paint.”

He followed her back up the stairs, averting his gaze from her ass.

Dingy was a nice word for what it was. The apartment was depressing. At least it was clean.

“Tell me again what your concerns are,” he said, pretending to care.

She sat down on the couch and pointed to the other end. “Have a seat. Can I get you anything?”

“No, I’m good.”

She reiterated the story about her boss, Adam Marchand, revealing that Ryan, his wife’s half brother, had fathered one of her children. Then she’d remembered that his wife was Lisa’s half sister. So, if Ryan was a brother to one, he had to be a brother to both women. Alan watched her as she talked, red spots high on her cheeks, the red moving down into her chest. She leaned over and touched his arm, making a point when she talked, giving him the opening he needed when she finally gave it a rest.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?” he said.

“No,” she said, laughing.

“Dan mentioned how gorgeous you are, and I can see what attracted him.”

“You mean my boobs. Men love the boobs.”