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“Sandra! I don’t think I’ve ever run into you here,” Pam called out.

Looking up from the frozen turkey carcasses with a grimace, Sandra shrugged. “The news of a turkey shortage is clearly bullshit. I don’t know what to pick. Andy’s in the city today, or I’d have asked him to do this. It’s gross!”

“What’s your question?” Pam asked.

“What size do I get?”

“How many people are you having?”

Sandra looked off into space. “I’m not sure. Andy’s children are invited, but I don’t know if they’re coming. They all have significant others, and one has a kid, so it could be chaotic.” She looked at Pam intently. “I kind of wanted to eat with the Sea View crowd, but no one invited us.”

“Sandra, I’m so sorry. The truth is, no one is having a combined family meal this year. I’m not up to it; Lisa has her hands full with Ryan and all the kids, and I couldn’t very well ask her to host. Truthfully, Dan should do it, but he’s embroiled with Shelly Markham, and you probably heard about that mess.”

“Oh my God, I did! Andy said they’ve questioned her, that they have proof she’s been lying all along about her knowledge of Alan’s affair, and that she’s going to be a witness for the defense to cast reasonable doubt on Alan.”

“You mean she murdered Lily?” Pam squeaked. “Wow, I never even considered that!”

“Yep, watch out who you invite to live with you. Now Dan has her over there, and I know he’s kicking himself.” Then she turned to Pam again. “You and Dan are perfect together,” she said sincerely. “He’s being an asshole.”

“It’s okay. I’m over it. He’s done this to me so many times that it’s not a big deal anymore. I’ll just let him in when he wants me and let him go when he’s ready to move on. He wanted to get married, and I’m not going down that path again. With my luck, he’d end up having a heart attack on me.”

“Oh, Pam, I’m so sorry.” They turned to the freezer case again. “However, that doesn’t solve my turkey dilemma.”

“Get the largest one they have.” Pam rifled through piles of frozen turkeys, freezing her hands. “Here, twenty-four pounds. I’ll ask Ryan to carry it into the house for you when you get home.”

“I can manage. Maybe a little exercise will get this baby to come early.”

“It’s too early!”

“I’m just kidding. I’m not ready for a baby anyway. We still haven’t done the nursery.”

“Do you know what you’re going to have?” Pam asked.

“No. We decided we were too nervous to find out. I’d rather wait. Brent wants a brother, of course, so they can be like Marcus and Dan Junior.”

The women chuckled. Dan’s boys were so funny together.

“Okay, I’m going to leave you to your Thanksgiving shopping,” Pam said. “Thank God for Organic Bonanza or I’d never see my neighbors.”

They said goodbye, and Pam pushed her cart off to the produce department. There, she ran into Laura.

“Be careful, Sandra is at the turkeys,” Pam whispered.

“Oh, crap. I’ve been circling, waiting for her to make up her damn mind so I can get our turkey.”

“I put a twenty-four pounder in her basket, but she’s still digging through the carcasses.”

“Pam, I have news. I was going to run up to see you today, but since we’re together now, I can’t wait.”

“What?” Pam asked, clutching Laura’s arm. “You’re doing your basement!”

“No, although that’s in the future, I’m sure. No, I’m pregnant.”

Gasping, Pam grabbed Laura in a bear hug. “When are you due?” she asked, finally letting go.

“I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but probably midsummer.”

Hearing the commotion, Sister Mary left the deli counter unattended and dashed over to the produce department to join in. Then Sandra happened by.