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He stood there long after the plane disappeared out of sight with tears streaming down his face and didn’t even notice them. His body might have been at the airport, but his heart was somewhere else altogether.

“Are you going to stand there all day?” A familiar voice asked, and he flew around on his heels.

Sophia ran towards him and launched herself at him. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms landing around his neck, and he hugged her so tightly that onlookers stopped what they were doing to watch the two of them.

“What are you doing?” Brodie asked when he caught his breath.

“I couldn’t do it. I sat on the plane and fastened my seatbelt, but it just felt wrong. My luggage is still on there,” Sophia gushed.

“Thank God. I swear I literally almost had a heart attack when you left. But what about you? You said you wanted adventure.”

“And, I thought I did, but as soon as it became real and I was leaving you then I started to panic.”

“What about your work? The wedding?”

“I’ll have to email Mr. Abram and explain. I’m sure we can find a way to still work together without me physically being there.”

“I was broken,” Brodie admitted.

“So was I,” Sophia whispered.

“I thought I could do it. That if I loved you enough, then I could easily let you go, and you’d come back to me when you were ready, but I can’t be without you.”

“I’m ready now.” Sophia stared into his eyes as he placed her back down on the floor in front of him.

“Are you sure? I want to stand beside you, not in your way.”

“Brodie,” she said with certainty. “I’m exactly where I want to be.”

His lips crashed into hers and they shared a kiss that promised she’d never leave him again, that she could only ever know happiness if he was near and that he was her home.

Tongues collided, teeth clashed, and the busy airport around them was forgotten. Their lips locked tightly enough to block out the rest of the world, and only the two of them existed.

“So, what now?” He asked as he hugged her close and kissed her forehead.

“We go home,” she smiled.

“Nope,” he grinned. “I have a better idea.”

“You do?” She asked.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the exit. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

“And go where?”

“You wanted adventure.”

“Fine, I’ll stop asking questions. Lead the way,” she smiled.

Once they reached Brodie's van, they both jumped inside and he put his foot down on the gas, driving them back to the bay.

When they reached the familiar welcome to Lani Bay sign, a warm and fuzzy sensation filled Sophia’s heart. There was no doubt in her mind that she was where she needed to be.

Brodie gave her thigh a squeeze before wrapping his fingers around hers with the hand that wasn’t steering the wheel.

Taking a sharp left off the beaten track, he took the smaller road up the mountain.