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“See you in the morning,” Sophia called back as she slammed the car door shut and watched the vehicle roll away.

When she went to unlock the front door, she realised it was already unlocked and proceeded with caution. Inching inside, she glanced around at her empty home and felt stupid about being weirded out. She was sure Brodie just forgot to lock up or something. When she heard a thud from upstairs, her heart almost leapt out of her chest and she jumped backwards.

“Who’s there?” Before she could think to bolt out of the door and run like her life depended on it, the intruder appeared at the top of her staircase.

“I thought you’d never come home,” Callie beamed and ran down the stairs toward her.

“Callie? Oh my god, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know I get bored easily. Maine wasn’t all that. I needed a change, and you were always telling me how this place was so pretty. Totally didn’t do it justice, by the way.”

“I can’t believe you’re here. Why do I feel like Brodie has everything to do with this?”

“What does it matter why I’m here? It’s been so long since I saw you. I’ve missed you too much.” Callie squished Sophia in her arms and she hugged her back.

“I’ve missed you, too,” Sophia admitted. Seeing her wild friend with the bright ideas and even brighter hair made everything feel normal again.

Although she planned to get mad at Brodie for going behind her back to get Callie there, she was also going to kiss him for always knowing exactly what she needed.

“So, are you going to show me the ring or what?” Callie pulled back to grab hold of Sophia’s hand and marvelled at the huge yellow diamond on her ring finger.

“He had it designed for me.”

“I can tell. The more I find out about this fiancé of yours, the more I like him.”

“Wait until you meet him,” she beamed.

“Oh, I already introduced myself. I’ve also got rid of him for the evening so we can have a proper catch up.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, he’s fishing with Emmet. And I met Jen in the cute little café. What’s it called, again?”


“That’s it. What a character! She’s dropping a take away off for us, shortly. She said she doesn’t normally deliver take outs, but as it’s you, she didn’t mind. She also said something about your Mum giving her a list of your dietary requirements?”

“Bless my Mum, what is she like?” Sophia shook her head. “Wait. You got Brodie to go out for the night and Jen to bring us food? You might as well take off your bra and call this place home,” She chuckled.

“Already did.” Callie grinned and cupped her curves over the cotton of her dress, laughing along with her.

God, she needed this.


Brodie arrived home to find Sophia curled up in front of the log burner and Callie stroking her hair.

“Hey, I didn’t think you two would still be up.”

“Shhh.” Callie lifted a finger to her lips. “Only one of us is,” she whispered.

“I’ll take her up to bed. She’ll be exhausted.”

“I didn’t want to wake her. She looks so peaceful and content.”

“I’m not in the doghouse, then?”

“I don’t think so.”

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