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“Of course. Take care,” Brodie said to Mel, before leaving them both to it.

She smiled briefly, before turning her attention to Robbie and Brodie wandered toward home, but ended up at the beach instead.

If he could have painted a sunset perfect enough for Sophia’s hen night and put it in the sky for her, it would have been the one in front of him.

The crystal blue water stretched as far as he could see and Brodie took the same sense of solace in it that everyone who graced the shores of Lani Bay did.

He couldn’t see the yacht that he’d organised for his fiancée and her friends, but knowing she was out there looking at that same sun on the horizon made his whole body relax.

First, they would be married. Everything else would sort itself out. It had to. Maybe he was a fool for believing they had a future together, but he would take his foolish heart over a broken one, any day.


“This is supposed to be a hen night and here we all are moaning on.” Callie announced.

“Agreed,” Jayda added.

Sophia didn’t care if they sat there moaning until the sun came up in the morning. She was just happy her friends were all there by her side. It felt good to get lost in other people’s problems. She had only had time for her own lately and had forgotten how much fun it was to problem solve and give advice to others. All five of them were fantastic advice givers, but none of them were so great at taking any. Neither was she. Just like her friends, Sophia was stubborn to the core.

“How about we liven things up with this baby?” Jayda pulled a bottle of tequila from the bar and Paige snatched it from her.

“I have a better idea. Remember the time we all jumped in together?” Paige asked.

“Not another moon ceremony, oh god,” Lennon said, making them all laugh.

“We can’t do a moon ceremony, we can’t even see a full moon,” Kate sounded exasperated, and it only made them laugh harder.

“Are you still into all that witch stuff?” Callie asked.

“Since Daisy came along, I barely have time to shower, never mind swim under a full moon,” Kate replied.

Kate locked gazes with Sophia, her brow pinched in fear. Sophia thought again about how uncomfortable Kate was on open water and wondered if the others ever considered it.

“Well, now’s your chance,” Lennon chuckled.

“Even if I wanted to, like I said; we don’t have a full moon,” Kate pointed out.

“Oh moon, shmoon. We can improvise,” Paige was already wriggling out of her shorts to reveal her entire perfect arse in a tiny thong swimsuit.

“You want me to do a moon ceremony without a moon? I think you’re all kind of missing the point, girls.” Kate pointed at the empty sky.

“I think it could be fun. Can’t we just improvise for old times’ sake?” Lennon pouted and Kate shook her head.

Sophia grinned, because they all knew she was thinking about it.

“We could use Paige’s arse?” Jayda suggested and everyone giggled, including Paige.

“Maybe I could come up with something. We do have a gorgeous sunset, which means we’re in a lineal time.” Kate's voice was soft.

“We’re in a what?” Lennon arched a perfectly plucked brow.

“Somewhere between two worlds,” Kate explained. “And, as it’s summer, all of its energies are focused on beauty, health and healing.”

“Sign me up for that.” Callie wriggled her sundress over her head to reveal a flawless body, draped in an electric blue bikini. Tassels hung from the ties at each hip and added a touch of her usual eclectic fashion sense.

“Okay, I’m totally winging this just so you know,” Kate stood and stripped down to her black one piece.

It was a definite mum costume, but her curves demanded attention even if she chose to ignore them.

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