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“I’ll find him and talk things through, don’t worry,” Callie nodded.


Brodie and Emmet barely spoke for the rest of the journey. Each of them trying to process the fact that Sophia knew everything. Austin was in the bay and he was going to go through with the transplant. It felt like they were living in a daydream where the impossible just became a reality and all both of them wanted to do was get back to the bay. They needed to see Sophia and talk things through.

As they passed the ‘Welcome to Lani Bay’ sign, Brodie glanced across at Emmet and noticed a black van racing toward them. “Watch out!” he yelled and Emmet looked out of his window to see the van running a red light.

“Holy shit,” he shouted and slammed on the brakes. He tried to steer out of the path of the truck and the tyres screeched as he kept pumping on the brakes. The bang of metal on metal rang through the air and Emmet lost full control of the wheel as the van collided with his side of the truck.

It took a while for Brodie’s eyes to flicker open, and he tried to acclimate to his surroundings. The front of the van had crumpled the driver's side of Emmet’s truck and Emmet's face was twisted in pain.

“My legs! I need out! Get me out!” Emmet screamed, and it took a few moments for Brodie to compute the sound. His head felt thick and cloudy, but he managed to get his seatbelt off and Emmet’s, too.

“Aargh!” Emmet yelled out as Brodie’s elbow knocked into him.

“Alright, hold on. I’m going to climb out and then try to pull you out.”

Brodie’s legs felt like jelly, but adrenalin pumped through his veins and kept him moving. The more he could comprehend what had happened, the more he realised how bad things were.

“Help! We need some help here,” he shouted out to the van that was now meshed with the side of Emmet’s. He didn’t get a reply. Skimming his hands over his pockets, he remembered his phone had been taken, so he didn’t have the luxury of calling for an ambulance.

“Fuck,” he yelled as he set to work, pulling the door open on the driver's side of the car. Emmet was no longer screaming and the low, constant moan that was coming from him scared Brodie.

“Hang in there, bro. I’m gonna get you out of there in just a few minutes.” Although there was determination in his voice and heart, the truth was that he couldn’t see how he was going to free Emmet from the truck.

The front of the black van had crumpled the front of theirs. With the tangle of metal and inflated airbag, it was almost impossible to see Emmet from the waist down.

Brodie glanced away for a second, hoping to see someone from the other car that he could ask for help, but all he saw were two figures in the distance, backs turned and running away from the scene.

Glancing back at his brother-in-law, he knew that chasing them wasn’t an option. He needed to focus all his energy on getting Emmet out.

“Is everyone okay? Have you called an ambulance?” A female voice called out.

They were no longer alone.

“I don’t have a phone. Can you call for help, please? His legs. He’s trapped.”

“Alright, I’m calling. Don’t panic. I’m going to help you, okay?”

He couldn’t see a way to pull Emmet out and didn’t want to cause him any more pain, but he knew that the longer his legs were trapped for; the worse it would be.

“Stay with me, brother. Are you with me?”

“Just about,” Emmet grimaced.

“That’s good. Someone’s called nine-nine-nine so help is just around the corner. We’re going to get you out of there. Just hold on, okay?”

“Not going anywhere,” Emmet managed to say.

Brodie didn’t have it in him to smile. All of his focus was on getting him out of there.

“Is he stuck?”

“Yeah,” Brodie replied. He wanted to shout that he couldn’t see his legs, and he was becoming increasingly worried that he might lose them both if they didn’t do something soon, but he wasn’t about to say any of that in front of Emmet.

The leggy stranger with a huge afro walked over, took one look at Emmet and looked as though she might throw up.

“Let me get my kit.”

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