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“So, basically you’d torture me.”

“I would. And, you’d love every second of it.”

“Oh, yeah?” She opened her eyes to smile up at him. His eyes were full of lust as he watched her.

“Come up here,” she demanded.

He obliged, kneeling before her and helping out when she fumbled with his jeans belt.

His solid cock sprung free and her fingers wrapped around his shaft. When she began to pump up and down in slow, firm movement’s a jewel appeared on the tip within seconds. She looked up at him through thick lashes.

“You don’t have to,” he whispered.

“I want to,” she countered before tightening her grip and increasing her speed to pump him faster and harder.

“What else would you do to me?” She demanded.

“I’d lick you inside and out,” he panted. “With fast, hot licks and I wouldn’t stop until you screamed my name.”

“Then what?” She asked, all the while keeping her hand moving at a steady pace. He was losing control, she could hear it in the tremble of his voice and she closed her eyes.

“I’d be inside you. My mouth on your perfect tits and my cock working hard to give you what you wanted. What you needed,” he added. Closely followed by a guttural moan.

“You’d clamp down on me so tight that I’d have no choice but to go faster and harder,” he forced the words out.

“Like this?” She squeezed a little tighter, sensing his orgasm was close.

“Hmm,” he moaned, no longer able to form whole words.

He came all over her hand. The warm sensation turning her on. She liked being sexy again and couldn’t wait until they could go further. But, it felt empowering to her that with only a touch, she could give him so much pleasure.

“Sorry about the mess but holy shit, Sophia.”

She chuckled as they locked eyes and revelled in the moment of normality. Where she was just a woman pleasing her man and man in awe of his woman.

He was so perfect and so undeniably hers that she could hardly believe her luck.


Sophia lay on the sun-lounger, the golden rays kissing her face and her friends chatting around her. Today was a good day. Brodie had left early for work, and an impromptu beach day was exactly what she needed.

Hearing Paige chat about her plans for the bed-and-breakfast made her think of her own work and as her skin soaked up some much-needed Vitamin D, her mind wandered to her own plans.

She had been out of the loop for so long; it was going to be hard to pick clients back up again. In the world of events, things moved on quickly and from the few industry magazines she’d read through, she could tell her finger was way off the pulse.

“Ice pop, anyone?” Lennon jumped up from her lounger, setting her notepad aside, and grabbing her purse from the sand.

“I’ll take one,” Jayda replied.

A chorus of, “me too,” sang out from the row of sun-loungers and Lennon slid on her flip-flops and began to make her way across the beach to Coast.

“Can you grab one for Daisy and me, please,” Kate smiled up from her spot in the sand where she was building sandcastles with Daisy.

“Do you want me to walk with you?” Callie offered.

“It’s okay, I’ve got a call to make,” Lennon shrugged.

“Suits me,” Callie said, turning onto her stomach and pulling at the string of her bikini top to avoid unwanted tan lines.