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Ryder McGraw pulledup to the red light and balanced his Harley under his big body. It was a perfect day for a ride and when the sexy little brunette pulled up next to him in her little red sports car, he was sure his day couldn’t get any better. He smiled over to her and nodded. The vixen had the nerve to smile and wink back at him and when the light turned green and she sped off, he knew he had missed his window of opportunity. It was just as well. He needed to get home and grab a shower so he could meet with his client who wanted to take a quick flight to Mexico for the night. Honestly, he was looking for a reason to get the hell out of Huntsville for a few nights and he was hoping this trip would turn into something like that. His client told him to clear his schedule for a few days, but his business should only take a day. Ryder was hoping that he was wrong, and they’d have to end up staying longer in Mexico. It would be nice to kick back and enjoy a few days of downtime and not have to think about anything except his next beer.

The last time he was in Mexico was with his buddy, Whiskey. He had to fly his friend down to that hell hole his woman was staying in, to get her and his kid. Ryder was happy that his friend had found what he was looking for—a warm, willing woman to go home to every night and the cutest kid Ryder had ever seen. It made him long for things he wasn’t sure he’d ever want and that was knocking him off his damn game. Take the brunette in the sports car for example. He would usually have her number and a date set up before the light even had a chance to turn green. Today, he didn’t seem to even be able to get out of the fucking gate, and Ryder knew that if he didn’t do something to get his damn mojo back, he might never find his way again.

He pulled into the parking lot at Savage Hell, not sure that he had enough time to check-in and grab a burger, but he was starving and fuck it—his client could wait a few minutes. He would just have to eat fast and then get back to his place for a quick shower and grab his gear. Luckily, he kept a “to-go” bag packed for occasions like this.

“Hey man,” Savage shouted from his place behind the bar. “I didn’t think we’d see you tonight. I thought you said you had a client.”

“I do,” Ryder said. “I think I do at least. I’m heading over to the hanger tonight to meet with the guy and if it works out, I’m going to Mexico for a few nights. Sounds like a sure thing though, man,” Ryder admitted.

“So, you won’t be here for church?” Bowie asked, clapping Ryder’s shoulder. Savage’s guy was holding their son and Ryder felt a pang of longing for what his friends had built together. They had a family—kids, the big house, white picket fence, and even though the threesome relationship between Savage, Bowie and their woman, Dallas, might not work for everyone, it worked for them. Seeing them all together and happy made Ryder long for something he never really thought about before. Hell, maybe it was because he was getting older or maybe it was the whole ordeal with Whisky, and watching his friend finally get everything he wanted out of life. Either way, Ryder was ready for his next step—whatever that might look like.

“Not sure,” Ryder said. “Depends on how long this guy needs to be in Mexico. He told me to clear my schedule for the next few nights.”

“Understood,” Bowie said. “I’m going to take this little guy home and change his diaper. He’s ripe.” Savage made a face causing Bowie to laugh. “Don’t worry, Babe,” Bowie said. “I’m not asking you to change him.” Savage smiled and nodded. “This time,” Bowie quickly added. Savage’s smile quickly turned into another grimace causing them both to laugh.

“I’m not sure who’s the bigger baby here,” Ryder teased. One of his favorite past times was giving his Prez grief. Savage was always an easy target and had a good sense of humor when it came to making fun of himself.

“Shut the fuck up, Ryder,” Savage grumbled. He pointed at Bowie, “I’ll see you at home tonight,” he promised. Bowie shot Savage a wolfish grin and left through the back of the bar, grabbing the diaper bag on the way out.

“You guys seem so happy,” Ryder said. “You are an inspiration,” he almost whispered. He looked around the bar as if worried that someone would hear him being so sappy. Hart was sitting in a corner booth talking to a woman; Ryder couldn’t see her face though.

“Who’s the woman with Hart,” Ryder asked. Savage looked over to the corner booth and shrugged.

“Not sure,” he admitted. “She’s been in here a few times now. She’s a looker too.” Ryder strained his neck to see if he could catch a glimpse of her face and Savage chuckled. “Geeze man,” he said. “Could you be any more obvious?”

“Whatever,” Ryder said. “It’s been a damn long time since I’ve had a woman in my bed and let’s just say I’m a little on edge.” Hell, he was a whole fucking lot on edge but admitting that would make him sound even more pathetic than he was.

“I get it, man,” Savage lied.

“Sure,” Ryder grumbled. “You have Bowie and Dallas waiting at home for you. How do you get it?”

“Before I found them, I was alone and a fucking mess. I didn’t let anyone in but when I met them—things just clicked,” Savage admitted. He shrugged, “I don’t know,” he said. “I guess that sounds pretty corny.”

“Naw—sounds about right,” Ryder said. He ran his hand over his face. It had been a long ass night and he was already hoping that his client didn’t want to leave until morning. He needed to get a few hours of shut-eye before flying to Mexico.

“Can I get a burger and fries, man? To go,” Ryder said.

“No problem,” Savage said. “You want a beer?”

“Better not,” Ryder mumbled. “I’ll need to keep my head straight in case I have to fly tonight. Thanks though.” He looked back over to where Hart sat across from the brunette. Her hair spilled down her back in long curly tresses and all Ryder could think about was grabbing it from behind and yanking it while he rode her ass. Yeah—he needed to get laid sooner than later because lusting after Hart’s new woman wasn’t going to do anything but land him in deep shit with his friend. And, from the look on Hart’s face, he was in deep with the hot brunette and no amount of Ryder’s lust-filled fantasies was going to change that fact.