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“Shit is she safe?” his friend asked. “I mean, has she mentioned about anything suspicious going on at her new job?” Ryder couldn’t remember her mentioning anything out of the ordinary. Of course, she spent most of her time avoiding him these past two weeks.

“Not really,” Ryder said. “She just started there a couple of days ago. I can leave here and stop by there—you know, check things out. See how much security they have in place, all that stuff.”

“Thanks, man,” Hart said. “If I stop by there, she’ll know we talked and will get suspicious. Would you mind keeping me informed?”

“Not at all, Hart,” Ryder agreed. Savage came out of the kitchen with a tray full of food, putting plates down in front of both him and Hart.

“What’s this?” Hart asked.

“Consider it the food version of make-up sex,” Savage joked. “I figure burgers and beer will work instead.”

“Instead of sex?” Ryder asked.

Savage shrugged and Hart laughed. “You aren’t doing something right if you’d consider burgers and beer to equal make-up sex, Savage,” Hart teased. Ryder laughed and slapped Hart’s back.

“It’s damn good to be back here guys,” Ryder admitted. “I missed the shit out of you both.”