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“And when he gets tired of you and dumps you for some chick wanting to land a biker—what then?” Ryder couldn’t help his anger, he towered over Hart and Tatum once again stepped between them.

“That’s not going to fucking happen, Hart,” Ryder growled.

“Oh come on,” Hart said. “You and I both know that women flock to you like flies to honey. You’re not a relationship kind of guy and my sister deserves better. She deserves someone who’s going to want to settle down and be there for her. Tatum deserves someone who won’t get board with her and move on.” Ryder dropped his crutches and reached around Tatum, trying to grab onto Hart. He stood and practically shoved Ryder over. Tatum wrapped her arms around his body, trying to keep him upright and Bowie was by his side, trying to steady him.

“Guys,” Bowie said. “This isn’t going to get us anywhere. What’s happening between your sister and Ryder isn’t your business, Hart. If you’re sister wants Ryder to take her out of town then you need to respect her decision.”

“Bowie’s right,” Savage said. Ryder backed down and took his crutches from Bowie. Rachet sat in the corner of the room watching them like he was watching a movie. “I’m still in for flying you guys out somewhere. Just say the word,” Rachet said.

“I’m grounded until my cast comes off,” Ryder said. “I’d appreciate you flying us out of town. I just have no idea where we should go?” he said. He thought about taking her out to Repo’s place in Gatlinburg but he knew that his friend had enough on his plate with a new baby. He also thought about taking her to Whiskey’s place in Texas but his friend had enough shit going on with trying to bring down the drug cartel his wife’s dead father was head of.

Hart and Tatum looked at each other and back at him. “We have a place,” Hart said.

“It was our grandmother’s cabin but now it belongs to both of us. We kind of inherited it,” Tatum said.

“Where is this cabin?” Ryder asked.

“Montana,” Hart said.

“I haven’t been there for such a long time. I think it’s been about eight years since we went up there with Mom, right?” she asked her brother.

“About that,” Hart agreed. “I have had someone looking after the place since. It’s pretty rustic but off the beaten path. As for places to lay low, it’s not a bad option,” he said.

“Sounds perfect,” Ryder agreed. “You up for flying us to Montana, Rachet?” he asked.

“Sure,” Rachet agreed. “But, we’ll have to use your plane. Mine is owned by Uncle Sam and I’m pretty sure the government won’t be too happy about me using it to fly a friend across the country.”

“That’s not a problem,” Ryder agreed. “I can call the hanger and have her gassed up and ready to fly within an hour. You ready for a trip, Honey?” he asked.

“Yep,” Tatum agreed. “Pack some warm clothing,” she said. “It’s probably snowing up there already.” The thought of being snuggled into a cozy cabin with Tatum, trapped in the middle of nowhere, sounded like heaven.

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