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They had been hauledup at Tatum’s cabin for a little over two weeks and she kept her promise, spending most of that time naked and in bed with him. He couldn’t wait for the damn cast to come off his leg so he could get around better. Right now, Tatum was doing most of the heavy lifting, literally. She had to chop the firewood for the cabin’s main heat source—the big stone fireplace that stood in the center of the cabin. He knew that she was nervous about him liking her grandmother’s cabin but honestly, he loved it. It was rustic and quaint. He had often thought about finding a little cabin in the woods, just like this one. He didn’t even mind the snow and boy, was there a lot of that. He had gotten used to waking up to a fresh coating of snow every morning.

They had checked in daily with both Savage and Hart but Ryder was starting not to care if they found Outkast or not. He was happy just where they were. Tatum walked in from the kitchen and handed him a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. She was cooking her way through her worry and he was definitely fine with eating his feelings.

“Jackson texted me,” she said. “He has news and he wants us both on the call.” Tatum handed him her cell phone and sat down next to him. She put the call on speaker so they could both hear Hart.

“Hey,” Hart breathed into the phone. From his tone, Ryder was sure he wasn’t going to like his friend’s news.

“Hey, man,” Ryder said. He set his plate of food on the coffee table and wrapped a protective arm around Tatum. “We’re both here—what’s the news?” He was always a get straight to the point kind of guy.

“Hi, Sis,” Hart said.

“I’m here, Jackson,” she said rolling her eyes. “You’re killing us with this suspense though.”

“Sorry, but what I’m about to tell you both can’t wait until our call later,” Hart said. “I caught up with Outkast. He’s been in hiding under orders from my old captain on the force. The Dragons found out that he was an undercover detective and they want his head served up on a platter.”

“But that’s good news for us, right? I mean, he should at least be able to tell you if his old club is the one coming for us.” Tatum sounded so hopeful; Ryder worried that she wasn’t going to be able to take much more disappointment.

“Yes, and no,” Hart said. “I know you want answers, Sis but things don’t work like that. You’re safe right now, and that’s what we have to focus on.”

“I’d like to focus on not having to worry that someone is waiting outside to kill me every time I open the front door to get some more firewood,” she snapped.

“That’s my fault,” Ryder grumbled. “If I could help out more, you wouldn’t have to do all of that shit. As soon as I get my cast off, I can be the one going out for firewood.”

“No, Ryder,” Tatum protested. “You have a week and a half before we can get that off. You’ll still have to take things easy. Plus, I’m the reason you’re in the cast in the first place, so I should have to get the firewood.” Hart chuckled on the other end of the call. “What’s so funny, Jackson?” Tatum questioned.

“You two—having your first spat,” he said.

“We are not having a spat,” Tatum growled.

“Sure, Sis,” Hart taunted. “Whatever you say.”

“Well, if this is our first fight, does that mean we get to try out some of that makeup sex I hear is all the rage?” Ryder teased. Tatum giggled at the sound of disgust coming from the other end of the call.

“Maybe that will teach you to stick your nose in our relationship, Jackson,” she said.

“Is that what’s going on with you two?” Hart asked. “You’re in a relationship now?” Ryder didn’t want to answer for Tatum but he hoped like hell she said that they were.

She looked Ryder over and smiled, nodding her head so only he knew her answer. “That’s none of your business, Jackson,” she chided. Ryder chuckled and Hart groaned into the other end of the call. He gave her a quick kiss and she swatted him away. “Let’s focus on why you called,” Tatum ordered. “Both of you.” Ryder flashed her his smile and she shook her head.

“Right,” Hart agreed. “As I said, Outkast has been laying low from the Dragons but he’s pretty sure that they aren’t the ones coming for us.”

“What about the Anarchy Kings?” Ryder asked. “If they feel wronged for what you did to the Dragons, they could be the ones trying to get to Tatum.”

“He doesn’t think that’s the case either,” Hart said.

“Well, shit,” Ryder grumbled, “then we’re back to square one.”

“Not exactly,” Hart said. “It’s Dante,” he almost whispered.

“As in the ex-Prez of the Dragons, Dante?” Ryder asked. He knew the guy and he was bad news. “I thought that the Anarchy Kings killed him?” he asked. Ryder had gotten the low down from Cillian and Savage after the exchange of power in the Dragons. When Outkast was named Prez, he requested a meeting with Cillian and Savage. It was customary for a little meet and greet to take place between club’s Prezes and Savage took Cillian as back-up. Hart filled them in about Outkast being an undercover detective but the guy sure played his role well. How the Dragons found out that Outkast wasn’t on the up and up was beyond him. Savage said that the guy had him believing every threat he made against Savage Hell and apparently, there were plenty.

“Savage said Dante was killed by them. Told me that Outkast said it to be true but now, he’s singing a different tune. Outkast believes that Dante got out somehow—that he had someone on the inside at the Dragons helping him. He also believes that Dante was the one to sell him out and tell the Anarchy Kings that he was a nark,” Hart said.

“Shit,” Ryder barked. “That makes sense. Dante would have a personal stake in bringing both Outkast and you down for destroying his reign. You wouldn’t happen to have eyes on Dante, would you?” Ryder asked, hoping that his friend knew where the guy was. That would make all of this shit a whole lot easier.

“No,” Hart breathed. “Haven’t seen or heard about him until Outkast resurfaced and told me his theories.”