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Six Months Later:

Ryder watchedas Hart escorted Tatum down the makeshift aisle at Savage Hell. It had taken some time but he had come to accept that his sister belonged with Ryder and they all seemed to be on a better path and right now, that path was leading his new bride into his arms.

Savage had done that online course to get ordained, to marry them, and all his brothers, both from his MC and his blood brothers, showed up to watch him get hitched. He wasn’t sure how it had happened but he finally had the woman he never knew he wanted but now, couldn’t live without. She was perfect and she was his.

The best part of the day was their little secret that only the two of them knew about. They hadn’t shared the news of Tatum’s pregnancy with anyone else, including Hart. She wanted to keep it their little secret until after they got back from their honeymoon and he had to admit, he liked the idea. The baby was something that they both were excited about and he couldn’t wait to tell the rest of their friends and family.

Tatum looked gorgeous and the way she looked at him made him feel like the luckiest man on earth. She had picked out a white sundress that showed off all her curves. Her dark hair was pulled back off her face and she wore that sexy red lipstick that he loved on her. He loved to kiss her when she wore her bright red lipstick. He especially loved seeing the remnants of her painted lips around his cock after she gave him a mind-blowing orgasm with her talented mouth. He was hard now just thinking about all the ways she made him crazy with those red lips.

Hart stopped in front of him, Tatum by his side clutching his arm. “Hey,” Ryder breathed.

“Hey,” Tatum said. “Nice suit.”

He didn’t own a fucking suit beside his Air Force uniform, so he had to run out and buy one for the wedding. He let Tatum pick it out, not really caring what she wanted him to wear. The only thing he wanted to do was get her to say, “I do.” The rest didn’t matter to him.

Ryder held his hand out for Hart and he took it, “Take good care of my sister,” Hart said. “Or else.”

“Will do,” Ryder agreed. “I won’t let either of you down.” He released Hart’s hand and pulled Tatum against his body and kissed her.

Savage chuckled and cleared his throat, “I think that part comes at the end,” he said.

“Yeah,” Ryder grumbled. “I like to eat my dessert before dinner.” Tatum giggled and shook her head.

“So impatient,” she teased. “Sorry, Savage. I’ll try to keep him in check.”

The guy’s all laughed. “Good luck with that, Honey,” Rachet called from the back of the room. Ryder laughed and shot his friend a look and Rachet shrugged. “Well, it’s true, man.”

“Let’s get on with this ceremony so we can get to the party we have planned,” Savage said. Ryder knew that the guys had planned a little party for them after their ceremony. He planned their honeymoon and he was hoping that the party wouldn’t last too long. He was anxious to get to the honeymoon part.

They exchanged their vows and when Tatum agreed to be his forever, he wanted to fist pump the air, but held back. And when Savage pronounced them man and wife and told him to kiss his bride, he felt like he’d won the lottery. He was the luckiest man on the planet.

They spent the rest of the evening celebrating with their friends and family. It was nice that his family was so excepting of his brother’s at his club. He loved that his brothers and parents traveled down from New Hampshire for their wedding. Tatum seemed to fit right into his crazy family—hell, even Hart seemed right at home with his brothers.

They were swaying to the music from the band Savage hired to play as he held his new wife against his body. “Love you, Mrs. McGraw,” he whispered into her ear, loving the way she shivered against him.

“Love you too, Mr. McGraw,” she said.

“So, you still curious about where I’m taking you for our honeymoon?” he asked.

“Naw,” she lied, “not really.”

Ryder chuckled, “Liar,” he accused.

“I figure we’re flying someplace,” she guessed. “You know since you’re a pilot and all.”

“Yep,” he admitted. “Any guesses as to where I’ll be flying us?” he asked.

“God—I hope it someplace I can sit on a beach and drink fancy frozen drinks with little umbrella’s in them.” Ryder shot her a look and then looked down where her belly was pressed up against him. “Non-alcoholic drinks, of course,” she whispered.

“Of course,” he said. “And your wish is my command. I’m taking you to the Bahamas and we can sit on the beach and drink frozen drinks all you want, Honey,” he promised.

“You know, I was happy to be your wife before, but now that I know where you’re taking me on our honeymoon, I’m really happy to be your wife.” Ryder swatted her ass and she giggled.

“I knew you were only using me to be your personal pilot,” he teased.

“Well, that is one of the perks of being married to you, Ryder,” she said. “But there are so many more perks to being your wife, husband,” Tatum said, wiggling into his arms.

“How about we sneak out of here and start our honeymoon early, Baby. That way you can remind me of the many perks you like about me. We can start a list,” he teased.

“Now, that sounds like a darn good plan,” Tatum said. She took his offered hand and followed him out of Savage Hell. She’d follow Ryder just about anywhere and now; she’d be doing just that for the rest of her life.

The End