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But… only a few minutes had passed since the time I rang her bell.

How could they already be gone?

Because they aren’t, I quickly realized, spurred by the sound of the garage going up. Distantly, I could hear the telltale sirens of the police and fire department on the way, meaning I had to get the fuck out of here.

But not without my target.

I sprinted back down the stairs, and out the gaping hole that used to be the front door just in time to see May’s car screech out of the garage and speed off down the street.

With the rose behind the wheel.


I couldn’t linger.

I got my ass out of there, sinking into the wooded enclave across the street just as police cars came racing up, with the fire truck not far behind. I made my way back to the car I’d jacked from the dealership, taking a second to breath before I jumped into an immediate reaction.

Ihadto take a second and think.

Friend or foe.

What, exactly, was this rose?

Thinking back, May had referred to her asTamra.

They were familiar.

Sure, she could’ve been planted to keep an eye on May, but that seemed much less likely than her simply… trying to live a normal life.

The dream, for some.

Taking out my phone, I pulled up a specific app, using it to pinpoint the tracker I’d slipped onto May without her noticing – before I even knew Tamra was there. Inwardly, I applauded myself for the foresight of assuming something would go wrong.

I couldn’t have that without scolding myself too, though.

Of course I wasn’t expecting Tommy Turner to attempt a goddamnbombing,but… maybe I should’ve. It was my job to anticipate everything, a contingency for whatever might go wrong.

And because Ihadn’t…look where I was now.

Targetnotin hand.

I did, however, know where she was.

Or at least, where she was heading.

Assuming Tamra hadn’t found the tracker and planted it on someone else as a diversion, they were heading for Vegas.


Unless, of course… it’s really not.


Yes, once I retrieved May and her daughter, Vegas represented safety. Outside of my custody though, there were too many variables at play here. I likely couldn’t catch them before they reached the city, no.

But I could be right on their tails.

Instead of overthinking it any further, I sprung myself into action, heading for the highway – the only way in or out. As the car ate up the miles, I replayed everything in my head again, going all the way back to getting this job in the first place.

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