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I was wearing a tracker too, for safety purposes in case I got into some shit I couldn't get out of. At least my team would have a place to start looking.

“Yeah,” I said. “I'm getting ready to pull up on the tracker.”

“Good. You need to be prepared for anything. We’re on standby to assist.”

“I don't need it,” I argued. “The only reason they got away from me was because I didn’t know to anticipate a damn bomb.”

“Yeah, and the only reason the rose got away from you in the first place was because you didn’t think to anticipate her. Sounds to me like you need a little more training when you get back.”

“Haha boss lady,” I told her, my tone dry. “I don’t need more training. More like more information,” I quipped. “I told you, something about all this smells funny.”

“I’m looking into it,” she assured. “I haven’t found anything that would have clued us into this, or that causes any alarm yet. But I’m keeping an eye out,andkeeping that team on standby,” she said. “Remember, you’re bringing in May and her daughter,andthe Rose. Unharmed.”

“Come on now Alicia,” I warned. “You know damn well, there’s no real way for me to promise that. She’s a rose. We know what her training was, because it’s the same as ours. Kill or be killed.”

“And yet, she’s left you alive twice,” Alicia reminded me, as if the breath in my body was something I really needed reminding of.

“All that means is that she’s squeamish. And, I was lucky enough to have the element of surprise on my side both times. It doesn’t mean she won't do whatever she feels is necessary get away from me with May and her daughter.”

“Noted,” Alicia said. “But it doesn’t change what Iexpect.I need both of them.All three of them,” she corrected. “Alive.”

She hung up before I could say anything else, but when it really came down to it, whatever argument I might have really didn't matter.

She was the boss.

A boss with noble intentions I didn’t mind being an enforcer of.

So while I couldn't make any promises… it didn’t mean I wouldn’t try.

* * *

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