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He looks back at me over his shoulder like he hears my silent questions. “We’re going to get out of this just fine. I need to pull myself together, but I promise I’ll figure something out. I told you, he’s not putting a hand on you. And I meant it. You’re mine, Emma.”

“I believe you.”

He inclines his head toward the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower. I always think better in the shower. Put on whatever you want.” He nods toward the TV on his way across the room.

“Professor Wolff?”

He stops, his back turned toward me. “Yes?”

“Could I join you?” I watch the way his hands curl around the doorframe, and my heartbeat quickens. He can’t pretend he doesn’t want this, and I need to feel him near me. I need that comfort. I wish I had the guts to say it out loud, but it’s what I need more than anything.

“Every part of me wants to say yes, to sink deep inside you and worship your body in ways that satisfy both of us, but you aren’t ready yet.” My heart’s sinking when he looks at me over his shoulder, but the sight of his grin perks me back up. “I know you think you’re ready, but you aren’t, and that’s okay. I want you when the moment is perfect.” There’s a brief pause, and while I’m not sad, I am disappointed. “And by the way, considering I’ve had my tongue in your pussy, you can call me Colten. Okay?”

“Okay.” Only once he is in the bathroom with the door closed do I sink back onto the bed and let out a long breath. Even the way he said that got me wet. It’s a good thing he’s the one calling the shots here because I can’t think clearly with my body burning for him the way it is.