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Once the last of the restraints are fastened tight, Colten steps back from the bed. “There. All spread out and ready for me.”

He’s not kidding, either. I’m strapped down at my wrists and ankles, naked and spread-eagled. He takes a slow tour around the bed, studying me, occasionally reaching out to stroke my skin. “Perfect. So perfect.”

He reaches down to touch my face, running a thumb over my mouth. My nerves tingle, my skin sizzles, and all I want is more. My entire body is ready for whatever comes next, for what always comes next. Over the past six months, he’s taught me more about pleasure and trust than I ever knew existed. And the lessons continue.

“Are you going to be a good girl and wait here for me until I come back from class?”

“Yes, sir,” I whisper as the sensation of wetness dripping down my slit gives away my arousal.

“And when I come back, I’ll find you just like this?”

“Yes, sir.”

Suddenly, he leans in, and this time, his tongue sweeps over my mouth before plunging inside. I moan helplessly, writhing, wishing he would skip class today and stay home with me.

When he breaks the kiss, he’s smirking. “Good girl. You’ll be rewarded when I get home.” With that, he adjusts his tie, then strides from the room. He whistles softly as he jogs down the stairs, and a few moments later, the front door opens and closes.

I can get out of the restraints if I want. That’s part of the game, an unspoken rule between us. My ankles are fastened tight, but not my wrists. I can slide out of the fur-lined handcuffs anytime I need to.

Right now, I don’t. Because a big part of me loves the idea of being here for him, ready, waiting. And it’s much more comfortable than being left on the cross in the guest room. We tried that once, and there was no way I was going to stand there for an hour and a half. This, I can manage.

I’m sure it would seem like a pretty big jump to an outsider. Six months ago, I was a virgin and totally clueless. I knew people did things like this, but I never understood why or how. Now, it’s the most natural thing in the world. I’ve always wanted to please him, to make him happy, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to show him what a good girl I can be.

And I’m always rewarded. Just the thought of my reward makes me wet with need.

If anybody thinks it’s weird, a student living with her former professor, they haven’t mentioned it. Not that we go around advertising it or anything like that. I keep a low profile, and if anything, that’s another part of the fun. Being sort of secretive makes it even hotter.

The only person who I’m open with about my relationship is Olivia. I miss seeing her all the time, but I make sure to visit her at the diner where she works whenever I get the chance. And when I do, I slide her a huge tip. I always wanted to be able to do that, and now I can afford to. She still struggles the way I used to, so it’s a pleasure to help her out, even if she’s too stubborn to take anything more than that. “I’m not a charity case,” she tells me over and over, but she’s also not stupid enough to turn down an extra hundred bucks.

I wish she could know what it feels like not to have to worry. To feel secure the way I do.

I’m still thinking about this when suddenly, the front door opens. My heart leaps, and I start to sit up. “Colten?” I call out.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” His voice echoes in the stairwell as he climbs. “What did you call me?”

I settle back down. “I’m sorry, sir.”

His face is stern when he enters the room. “You passed the test. I expected to find you running around the house after I parked down the block and walked back.”

“No, sir. I stayed here.”

“And my TA is proctoring final exams.” He loosens his tie before pulling it over his head and undoing the knot. “As of today, we have all summer to do this.” The last thing I see before he blindfolds me with the tie is his grin of anticipation. The scent of his cologne fills my awareness, lingering on the silk now draped over my eyes.

“All summer,” he repeats as I hear the shuffling of his clothes coming off. “And the rest of our lives.”

“Yes,” I whisper, burning for his touch.

“Now, I think a good girl deserves a reward, don’t you?” The mattress moves when he climbs up between my spread thighs.

“Yes, sir,” I respond in something close to a desperate moan. “Please, sir.”

“Please, what?”

I know exactly how he likes me to say it. “Please, eat my pussy and make me come for you.”

His breath is hot against my sensitive folds. “My pleasure.” His tongue laps at my wetness, and there’s nothing to do but give myself over to him. Like I always do.

Just like I always will.

* * *