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“Just the opposite,” she said as she lay there completely naked and exposed, but without any feeling of vulnerability. She was safe with Trent in this intimate space. She already knew she could completely trust this man. That she could rely on him and give herself to him without fear of getting hurt.

He removed his own underwear, and, reaching for a condom from his jeans pocket, she watched as he rolled it on over the large shaft before rejoining her. When he did, he repositioned them to put her on top.

“This way, it’s all at your pace. You’re in control,” he said, his hands gripping her thighs as she slowly positioned herself over him.

She pressed her hands down onto his chest as she felt the tip of his cock at her wet opening. She wanted him inside her so badly, it was hard not to hurry. But she slowly lowered herself down farther, taking him inside her carefully, gently.

Trent’s grip on her tightened, and he moaned at the pleasurable sensation. It felt so amazing to have him filling her so completely. So thick, so hard, so long. Every inch of him hitting all the right spots inside her.

His gaze took her in as she moved slowly up and down, riding him.

“I could stare at you all day,” he said when his gaze met hers.

“You’re not too bad on the eyes, either,” she said, quickening her pace a little.

Weeks of foreplay, flirting, kissing, and touching had her desperate for a release. Whenever they were together, she couldn’t stop touching him, kissing him, just wanting to be near him.

He was all-consuming, and she hadn’t realized just how intense the attraction between them was until that moment, when their bodies were connecting and it felt as though their hearts and souls were also one.

Trent grabbed her waist and lifted her up and down. “I know I said you’re in control, but I’m going out of my mind.”

She smiled as she lowered her upper body toward him and kissed him. She continued to ride him, now harder and faster, grinding her hips into him, pushing her pelvis as close as possible while deepening the kiss. They were both panting and desperate for air, but neither broke the contact between their lips.

“Whitney, I’m close,” Trent murmured.

She was, too. Dangerously close. Close to orgasm…and more incredibly, close to falling in love. She held tight to him as she brought them over the edge.

And seconds later, she let herself go…

Surrounded by the romantic flickering tea lights and the sound of the storm raging outside, Whitney free-fell into complete ecstasy and love.

Chapter Six


Trent hummed as he stacked clean beer mugs behind the bar on Main Street the next day.

“Someone’s in a good mood today,” Angel said, entering the bar twenty minutes before her shift was scheduled to start.

He shrugged casually as he turned to greet her. Truth was, the night before with Whitney had him riding a high. Their sex life had always been amazing, but in recent months, the frequency had reduced. When they were first together, they had sex almost every night. Sometimes multiple times in the same night. Her energy and fiery passion for life had unsurprisingly extended to the bedroom.

The past year, though, things had…not fizzled out exactly, just became a tamer, more controlled flame, and the fire wasn’t lit as often. But that happened in all relationships. It was natural. Over time, things changed, evolved. He was prepared for that. It didn’t mean their connection wasn’t as strong or that their love was starting to fade.

But last night, that original, new relationship passion had returned, and it was more of a relief than he’d expected. He’d missed her in a lot of different ways lately, including their physical connection.

“It’s a good day to be in a good mood,” he said.

“Tell that to my boys,” Angel mumbled as she removed her jacket to reveal the tight, V-neck Trent’s Tavern logo T-shirt that was part of her uniform. Stylish, form-fitting jeans and low-heeled boots completed her look. She’d turned a lot of heads since moving to town, and he suspected she was the reason his male clientele had increased by 10 percent in recent months. But he worried about her. She looked thinner, and the dark circles under her eyes seemed to be getting increasingly darker.

He wished there was something he could do to help. Maybe if by some miracle Whitney agreed to a spa day with Jess and Sarah, he could suggest Angel tag along. She hadn’t really made a lot of friends in town yet, and he’d been meaning to try to make that connection. She and Whitney had the same hardworking, independent spirit. He knew they’d get along great.

“Still struggling, huh?”

“Strugglingis an understatement. Eddie won’t talk to me unless it’s completely necessary, and Liam won’t come out of his bedroom.” She slumped onto the barstool across from him, and he poured an iced tea and slid it toward her. “I know they miss the city and their old rooms and their father…lord knows why,” she said under her breath. “But I just wish they’d give this place and this new life a chance.”

He nodded. He wasn’t sure if Eddie had confessed about the fight at the Game Room, and it wasn’t Trent’s place to say anything. The family needed to figure things out, and he still wasn’t entirely convinced that the fight had been entirely Eddie’s fault. Sure, he’d thrown the punch, but the other teen hadn’t been completely innocent in the whole thing.

“Do you want advice, or are you just looking to vent?” Growing up with three sisters had been very educational. Women didn’t need saving when they were expressing feelings. Sometimes they just needed someone to listen.

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