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If she could go back to that day a lifetime ago, knowing what she did now, would she have said yes to that first date?


Whitney parked her brand-new banana-yellow convertible in Jessica’s driveway and climbed out. She stood back to admire her very first car. She’d fallen in love with it the moment she’d seen it on the lot. Was it practical? No. But it was fun, fast, and sexy, and she was twenty-three years old. She had a whole lifetime to buy practical.

And besides, she was riding a high, and the car suited her current state of mind. Things were looking up. New job, new car, and new place…

Two days ago, she’d signed the lease on her own house and had officially moved out of the place she’d been sharing with Jess. It was an exciting time, yet she felt a tug at her chest as she walked up the front steps. They’d been roommates since high school graduation. They’d had some great memories together in the house, but it was time for Whitney to get her own place. A few months into her job at the mayor’s office as head of marketing and tourism and a small down payment, she was feeling financially secure enough to make the move.

And as much as she loved living with Jess, they both needed their own space. It wasn’t as though she’d moved far—she was four blocks away. They’d still see each other all the time. They may even be closer now when she didn’t have to deal with Jess’s messiness and Jess didn’t have to put up with Whitney’s late-night working, the sound of typing echoing off the walls in the small bungalow, keeping her awake.

This was the right thing. For everyone involved.

Whitney unlocked the door and entered. “Jess?” she called as she walked down the hall toward the living room, following the sound of someone getting up from the couch. Those damn creaking springs. She grinned. They’d furnished the place on a budget, and the secondhand couch had always been noisy. They kept saying they should buy a new one, but there was something sentimental about this one that neither of them had wanted to part with.

But now they were both doing well enough with Jess’s bakery, Delicious Delicacies, a huge success in its first year and Whitney’s new job—they planned on going furniture shopping together that weekend. No more creaky couch for either of them.

“Bet you’ll be happy to get rid of—” Whitney stopped short at the living room entrance, seeing a six-foot-five, two-hundred-pound man standing there. A six-foot-five, two-hundred-poundnakedman. “Shit, sorry. I didn’t know Jess had company,” Whitney said, covering her eyes with her hand. Then, because she was only human, she snuck another quick peek at the godlike, magnificent creature standing in her best friend’s living room.

Where had he come from?

She’d only moved out two days ago. Why the hell hadn’t her friend mentioned she was dating someone? They told each other everything. Had it been a one-night-stand situation? Had Whitney walked in on the guy before his walk of shame? Not that he had anything to be ashamed of. Nope. Nothing, another quick peek confirmed.

“It’s okay,” the guy said. “All clear.”

Whitney removed her hand.

Hell no it wasn’t!

He’d put on his jeans.Onlyhis jeans. He was still standing there shirtless, and the muscles upon muscles in his chest, stomach, and shoulders were making her slightly dizzy. How did a person achieve a body like that? Perfectly sculpted yet smooth and almost soft-looking…

Betrayal immediately hit her. She was lusting after Jess’s new guy. A sense of disappointment quickly followed. This guy was dating her friend, or at least had spent the night with Jess, which made him permanently off-limits if this was just a casual thing. Not that Jess really did casual. So even worse, Whitney was going to have a front-row seat to Jess’s happily-ever-after with this man.

She was a terrible friend.

“Is Jess here?” she asked, trying to avoid looking at the amazing body, which was difficult when he took up so much space in the tiny room.

“She left an hour ago for the bakery,” he said. “Can I help you with something?”

Huh, that was awfully forward.Shewas Jess’s best friend. She’d been her roommate for four years. He was the newcomer to this situation, and he was acting like he and Jess were already an item?

Hold up, buddy! Don’t go buying those his-and-hers towels just yet.

Although Jess would probably be thrilled to hear the guy was acting like a boyfriend already. Jess fell hard and fast for most of the men she dated. A hopeless romantic, she was already looking for “the one” and couldn’t wait to settle down and start a family. Whitney would tell her all about it. It would help after the confession that she’d seen her boyfriend’s junk.

“I just stopped in on my way to work to drop off my house key,” she said. One that would now probably belong to this guy.

“You must be Whitney.” He had a warm smile, and the most incredible set of dimples appearing on an otherwise very manly face.

“I am Whitney,” she said, almost robotically, still captivated by the smile.

“I am Legend,” he said, echoing her tone with a laugh.

She frowned. “Your name’sLegend?” Not a typical name, but it was actually fitting. He didn’t look like any real man she’d known in her everyday life.

But the guy shook his head. “No. It was a joke…like the movie.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “You know what, never mind. I’m Trent.” He walked toward her, hand extended, and she took a step back out into the hall. No way was she making physical contact with the guy.

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