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Out of breath, she pulled back and leaned her head against the wall as he plunged in deeper, his orgasm reaching its peak the same time hers toppled over the edge. He pumped in and out of her body roughly a few more times before he stilled, pushing himself in as deep as possible.

This time, her vision blurred from the overwhelming sensation coursing through her body. She felt herself throbbing around him, and Trent released a deep moan as he came inside her.

Her body relaxed as she wrapped her arms tight around him. He rested his head against her shoulder as he slowly pulled out and gently put her back on her feet.

“Good morning,” she whispered.

“Perfect morning,” he said, holding her tight.

An hour later, Whitney pulled into the lot at the mayor’s office and headed inside. Entering her office, the heat from the sun coming in through the open blinds had her immediately reaching for the thermostat. Her body was still heated from the hot and steamy shower with Trent. She turned the air-conditioning to freezing before going to her desk. She opened her email and, seeing forty-six new ones in her inbox, she got to work.

She didn’t look up again until Kim paged her office later that afternoon. “Whitney, you have a visitor.”

“Who is…” The words hadn’t left her mouth before her friend Lia appeared in the doorway.

“Surprise!” The booming, cheerful voice made her jump.

Her lawyer friend who now lived in New York was one of the biggest personalities Whitney had ever met. The year before, she’d come back to Blue Moon Bay for a family reunion they hosted at the B&B, and she and Sarah had finally put behind them a silly frenemy thing they’d had going on since high school.

Whitney had been relieved, as she’d always really secretly liked Lia, but her loyalty to Sarah had forced her to choose sides.

“Hey! What are you doing in town?” She hadn’t expected to see Lia and her husband, Malcolm, until the holidays, so she was genuinely thrilled to see her.

“I have a legal convention in San Diego in a few days, so I thought I’d extend my trip. Was a little shocked to see the inn transformed into a nightmare house. Someone could have given me a heads-up about that…but I’m staying at the Radisson, so it’s all good.” She entered the office and shivered. “Damn, it’s freezing in here.”

“Sorry…I’m always so warm,” she said as Lia sat across from her, pulling her appropriately colored for the season orange cardigan around her thin, athletic frame. “How long are you staying?”

“Just two nights. Thought we could all get together for a girls’ night?”

Whitney hesitated. She was far too busy for a girls’ night, but Lia was rarely in town, and she really did want to hang out with her. Lia was their big-city friend, and Whitney always loved the chic vibe that exuded from the woman. It made her ache for that herself, having always hoped to live the fast-paced lifestyle in the concrete jungle before her mom got sick. If she couldn’t get that fast-paced career Lia had, she was at least able to be in close proximity to someone who did.

“That sounds great,” she said.

Lia’s cell chimed with a message, and she smiled as she read it. “Perfect. Sarah and Jess are in, too. Halloween party at Trent’s Tavern tonight it is.”

Halloween party? She consulted her calendar. Right, today was Halloween. Where had the month gone? “Tonight…oh…um…”

Lia shot her a look. “Do not even think about trying to bail on me.”

Whitney sighed. She didn’t want to bail, and the last few days, she’d been learning to appreciate a bit more downtime. “Eight?”

“A little early, but we’re all getting too old to be there when the twentysomethings crash in close to midnight,” she said with a laugh. “And…I have the perfect group costume for the four of us,” Lia said, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Group costume. She knew there was no point in arguing. “Wonderful,” she said with a forced smile.

That night, the place was going to be packed, so it was all hands on deck. Max was already positioned at the front door, and Angel was restocking the bar with extra bottles of everything. Trent filled the ice coolers as his additional help, Danielle, set up a shot table near the dance floor. The twenty-two-year-old had the friendliest, bubbliest personality Trent had ever come across, so he told Max to keep an eye on things. He preferred hiring older staff, but Danielle was saving for her film school tuition, and the tips she’d make working the shot bar that evening would definitely help.

“Man, I remember having optimism like that,” Angel said with a tired laugh as she returned from the shot table, where she’d stocked Danielle with whiskey and tequila.

Trent laughed. “The joy of being young.” He eyed Angel. “How are things?” They hadn’t talked since a few nights ago, and he was curious about the situation with her ex.

“Well, Brad’s working his angle with the boys. They’re spending Halloween in the city with him tonight. The annual Halloween party tradition continues, apparently,” she said, her tone slightly bitter.

“Don’t worry. They’ll see through their father’s bullshit,” he said.

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