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Angry once again, Brad advanced on her, and Trent had had enough. The guy had definitely picked the wrong day to break the door of his bar and start this shit. Angel was handling it quite well, but the man didn’t seem to be taking the hint. He’d try making the message clearer.

“Hey, Angel said she’s not interested in talking. This is my bar, and I’m asking you to leave,” Trent said, standing between Angel and her ex.

The guy scoffed, looking amused. “Do you know who I am?”

“I know you are trespassing, and I could call the police about you damaging my door.”

Brad glared at him as he moved closer until their faces were inches apart. “I’m not leaving without Angel.”

“Oh, I think you are,” Max’s voice behind Brad caught all their attention.

And a strong right hook caught Brad’s chin as he turned to face Max. The guy reeled backward, holding his jaw. “Motherfu—”

“Max!” Angel said. “What the hell?”

Brad staggered slightly, but he made a beeline straight for Max. Trent intercepted and caught the hit that was intended for his friend. The blow to the eye was a lot harder than he’d anticipated. This shit ended now.

A quick struggle later, he and Max had restrained Brad and tossed him out of the bar. “Don’t ever come back here,” Trent told the guy.

“And do not go near Angel again,” Max added.

“This isn’t over, Angel!” Brad called to her where she stood, slightly shaken inside the bar entrance.

Max and Trent blocked any access, and Brad climbed into his Beemer and peeled out of the parking lot.

Going back inside, Trent shot a look at Max through his quickly swelling eye. “Dude, what the hell? I had it under control.”

Max shrugged. “I just really wanted to punch the guy,” he said. “Angel has opened up to me about…a lot.”

So Trent’s suspicion of abuse was right. He couldn’t exactly stay pissed with Max now.

Apparently, Angel could, as she delivered a lecture once they were back inside. Though Trent could tell she wasn’t entirely upset that her ex had gotten what he deserved.

“I’ll go find something to use as a temporary fix for the door,” Max said.

“Thanks, man,” Trent said, going back behind the bar. He opened the ice cooler, but Angel pushed him out of the way.

“Go. Sit,” she said.

Trent sat on a stool while she made an ice pack for his eye and poured another shot of bourbon.

“Thanks for your help,” she said. “Sorry about the door.”

“It’s nothing. A quick fix. And you were holding your own.”

She nodded, but her hand trembled as she sat next to him and placed the ice pack against his face.

“About what he said about Eddie…is that true?”

She avoided his gaze as she nodded. “That’s…um, what I was trying to say. Before.”

“What do you mean?”

She sighed as her gaze met his. “You didn’t recognize me when I came in here months ago, looking for a job, and I was going to tell you then…but it was awkward.”

Trent’s heart raced, and his palms sweat. What the hell was she saying? He peered at her face, but just as before, he didn’t remember ever having known her before recently when she moved to town.

“We met before. One night fifteen years ago… Settling here in Blue Moon Bay wasn’t a coincidence. It wasn’t just a random spot on the map.”

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