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“I wasn’t sure I could convince you on my own…with your mom’s help, so I called in reinforcements,” Trent said, giving a thumbs-up sign to her two best friends as they walked toward them. “They are your best friends, after all.”

“Yeah, they are.” Best friends she was forever grateful to have. The only person missing was Lia, but she, Jess, and Sarah had already planned a girls’ trip to New York for the following year to visit her. She owed the other woman so much. She owed them all so much.

Whitney thought her world had been flipped upside down that year, and she was right, but the view from here was something she could get used to.

In fact, this new view of the world was a beautiful one.


January 1st…

They must have broken some kind of wedding planning record to pull off the day ahead.

As Whitney stood in front of the surfboard-shaped full-length mirror in a room at Dove’s Nest B&B, she couldn’t believe the reflection staring back at her. And it wasn’t the beautiful, antique white, simple, elegant wedding dress or the magnificent pearl jewelry that took her breath away but the look of radiant happiness on her face.

For so long she’d been stressed and tired and unsure and hopeless… So much had changed in two months.

She was feeling better and stronger every day since the bone marrow transplant from Lia. Her doctor’s appointments revealed she was healing in the best way. The trip to Cambodia with Trent had been life changing. They’d started the process to adopt a little boy named Kenyo, and Whitney’s heart was full just thinking about the possibility of bringing the perfect little boy back to Blue Moon Bay someday real soon. The two weeks away had brought them closer than they’d ever been. Starting a new life together was what they both truly wanted, and this time they were both going in with eyes wide open. No more secrets. Complete trust and honesty.

She loved Trent, and she was finally allowing herself to be loved, with all her flaws, all her past mistakes, all the affection she deserved.

She smiled at her reflection as the door opened and Frankie walked in. “Oh my God, you are stunning,” she said. Her hands covered her mouth and tears filled her eyes.

“Do not cry or I’ll cry, and this makeup took forever,” Whitney said with a strangled-sounding laugh.

There’d been enough tears. Now, she just wanted to see happiness all around her.

Frankie approached and picked up Lydia’s veil. “May I?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” Whitney said. Her mother was downstairs waiting for the ceremony to begin. She wasn’t fully aware of the significance of the day, but she was overjoyed to be attending a wedding. Whitney knew deep down, somewhere, her mother was proud and knew what that day was. Just having her there was a blessing.

Frankie carefully placed the veil headpiece on Whitney’s hair, loosely piled on top of her head. “Beautiful,” she said as she stood back to take her in.

Whitney hugged her tight. “Thank you, Frankie. For everything,” she whispered.

“Of course. I love you, and this day will be perfect.”

Together they left the room, and her soon-to-be mother-in-law headed back downstairs as Whitney walked down the hall and knocked on two adjacent room doors.

They opened simultaneously, and her two best friends, looking breathtakingly beautiful in their own wedding gowns, stepped out to join her. Overwhelmed, she knew there would be no saving her makeup after all, as fresh tears cascaded down her cheeks.

“Can you believe we’re doing this?” Jess said, her voice so full of emotion as she stood between Whitney and Sarah and linked arms with them both.

“There is no other way I could envision this day,” Sarah said.

Whitney beamed at her two best friends. “Well? Should we go get married?”

The others nodded, and the three of them headed down the spiraling staircase of the B&B where three of the most handsome, lucky men waited for their brides.

And just like that, happily-ever-after started for three best friends.

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